Stargirl THEORY: Did The Shining Knight Episode Give Away What’s Next For Courtney And Cameron?

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Did Sam Kurtis’ reference to Frosty the Snowman hint at what’s the come for Courtney and Cameron?

Okay, call us crazy but did Sam Kurtis use a Christmas carol to hint at what’s to come for Courtney and Cameron? Sure, there was no reference to the future Icicle Junior in the episode but after watching the ‘Shining Knight’ episode to add the songs to our Season 1 Soundtrack list, our ears perked at the mention of Frosty the Snowman.

Stargirl Season 1’s central villain is Icicle who lead the Injustice Society of America. Courtney’s love interest is the antagonist’s son which will likely carry over to Season 2. So, to have her favourite Christmas carol be Frosty the Snowman makes sense.

So, what does old Frosty have to do with Courtney’s relationship with Cameron? We’re not sure where this theory is going but it’ll take us somewhere.

A Polar Opposite

We know Frosty is a Christmas carol and it’s a cheerful tune, but what if it is hinting at a possible redemption arc later down the road. With Jordan dead and with Courtney knowing he got run over by her stepbrother, Mike, Cameron is not going to be pleased when he discovers the truth.

To find out that the person you’ve been crushing on knows her brother killed your father is not a great outcome. However, what if there’s a drastic shift, if Cameron does turn to the ISA and becomes Icicle Junior? If he realises they’re wrong in what they’re doing, there’s very chance he’ll turn to the JSA for assistance.

This might be a sign of him becoming a superhero or an ally at the very least. A bit like Henry did but less tragic. Not to mention, it would be a nod to the JSA comics where he helps the JSA out on one occasion. His views on other things were nothing like his father’s. His relationship with his dad is basically non-existent.

Depending on what Cameron’s reaction is to his dad’s death in Stargirl, it might signal something more upbeat give the type of person Jordan was underneath his civilian persona. Does this mean he will forgive Courtney for keeping Mike’s involvement a secret from him? Probably not.

Basically, Cameron is the Frosty given he has the same powers as his father but isn’t evil… yet.

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