Stargirl: 6 Setups We Got In The Premiere Episode Of Season 2

There was a lot of setup for what came for Stargirl Season 2 in just the premiere…

The Stargirl Season 2 premiere was full of setup for what is to come this season and we can tell you now, it is going to be dark. Real dark. If you thought what happened last season was tame, you haven’t seen anything yet. We’ve chosen six moments points of interest that we’ll dive a little bit into and what we think will happen next.

Much of what we say we’ve said before will be included, so please forgive our rambling. So, strap in, because it may get very dark.


1. Mike’s Constant Rejection May Result In Him Joining Cindy

Poor Mike. Last season his father kept him in the dark about the JSA, but now that he knows about it, he wants to be a part of it. We know Pat is deadset against it and doesn’t want his joining something so dangerous. It’s clear that our boy wants to be like his big sister, Courtney and she appears to be on board. But in a couple of episodes time, it’d only going to go downhill from there.

We’ll come back to this point a little later in the post, but essentially, Pat is going to continue to shoot down Mike’s desire to join the team. Could this result in the new legacy siding with Cindy? It may end up going that way and if does, it’s not going to be pretty. It will become like what happened last season where Mike was jealous of the bond his dad had with his stepsister.

This ultimately leads to Mike blowing up at Courtney at the Homecoming Football game and stalking off. However, it may end up on a much grander scale, especially with Cindy whispering in his ear that his family thinks he’s a burden and so on. Also, he’s just a kid who happens to be a JSA (sidekick) legacy.

Do we think that the setup of Mike betraying the JSA and his parents will happen? It’s possible he does if he feels he’s not wanted. This also relates to what we think will happen with the Thunderbolt. We know Mike gets his hands on the pink pen and ends up wielding it for a bit before the power ends up with his pal, Jakeem. We see Mike and Thunderbolt in one of the trailers.

For all we know, the constant rejections might become too much it might leave Mike to seek out an alternative.

2. Eclipso Targeting JSA Members And Their Families

The premiere continued the setup for Eclipso after that surprise ending with Cindy last season. While we don’t see Eclipso a lot in the episode, his presence is felt by the audience from the beginning. The reason we bring this up is that the opening sequence involves the family of an original Justice Society member.

We learn almost immediately that Eclipso targeted the JSA decades before the current events of the show. He goes after Rebecca McNider, a relative (likely the daughter) of Doctor Charles McNider, the original Doctor Mid-Nite while possessing a small boy named Bruce [Gordon].

With the current setup, it wouldn’t be surprising if Yolanda ends up being the first victim of Eclipso. The reason we mention this is because when she came out of the confessional she attempted to do, she ended up having a memory flash of killing Brainwave. The vision was the same as we see on the poster for the season with the major players outside of Courtney.

new look
[Credit: Stargirl Wiki]

This makes us think that Eclipso is going to target the JSA again, but the younger generation. He also doesn’t like to play fair so he’s likely to play Cindy for a fool. He claims he’s ready to serve her, but he’s going to play the situation to his rules, not hers.

If Eclipso ends getting to say, Mike, for example, it would affect everyone around him. His family, his friends, the JSA as a whole. The same applies to Yolanda and Beth, who are currently down on their own luck. They’ve been hit with misfortune after misfortune and it may lead them down a path they may not be able to be saved from.

3. Courtney And Cameron’s Slow Moving Relationship Will Continue Fester

Last season we got small snippets of a slow-burning romance between Courtney and Cameron which is continuing into this season. However, there’s a lot more baggage than there was.

Courtney knows something Cameron doesn’t; Mike killed Jordan. To make matters worse, Cameron’s grandparents, Lily and Sofus are well aware of who Courtney is in regards to Stargirl. His grandmother wants him to know, while his grandfather doesn’t as she puts a smile on their otherwise grieving grandson’s face.

It has been teased that the relationship will continue to fester, but there’s likely to be more hurdles. We know someone wants Cameron to go full-blown Icicle Junior and that someone is Cindy. We’ll touch on it a little later. Yolanda has warned Courtney to be careful because if she or someone else let’s slip that Jordan’s death wasn’t an accident, then who knows what will happen.

Our guess is that Cindy might know how Jordan died – how we don’t know as she was knocked out – and it’s her that tells Cameron what actually happened. Lily and Sofus might not even be involved. Though the whole thing may not work as she wants Mike on her team too. If she did know, she wouldn’t want to recruit both boys. The last thing she would want is her group to wipe themselves out as the ISA did.

The truth of what happened to Jordan would destroy Cameron and therefore, his relationship with Courtney as a result.

4. Beth’s Struggles At Home And Within The JSA Without Chuck

When Beth’s goggles were destroyed in the Season 1 finale, it was evident that she was going to struggle in Season 2 without Chuck. In the premiere, she managed to get the AI up and working but there was a hiccup. When Chuck reactivated, he didn’t recognise his best pal and shut off.

There’s also a bit more to Beth’s struggles. She came across divorce papers meaning her parents were no longer together, despite living in the same house and acting normal around her like nothing was going on. Despite trying to be the model daughter, her parents still leave her hanging, claiming they ditched her kindhearted gesture of a dinner-for-two due to work commitments. Now, we’ve come to expect Bridget and James to put each other and Beth last.

No wonder they’re divorcing. Yolanda and Courtney knew something was wrong but Beth brushed them off.

5. Yolanda’s Grief Will Lead To Her Potential Downfall

From the moment she lost Henry to his father, Yolanda has been struggling with her grief. While this setup was made in the ‘Brainwave Jr’ episode in Season 1, the story has been pushing is about to get to get darker. The Season finale saw Wildcat kill Brainwave despite telling Rick that murdering was bad when he wanted to kill Grundy.

Now, it seems that her grief is still plaguing her and it’s eating her alive. After several failed confessionals and a flashback to what she did, Yolanda is going to be a victim of Eclipso and we think it’s already beginning to happen. When she walks out of the confessional, she has a vision that could be a direct link to Eclipso.

Eclipso goes after those with dark thoughts and sky high negative emotions. Feeding off Yolanda would be the ultimate treat for him.

6. Cindy’s Desire To Get Even With Courtney May Cause A New Team To Form

The setup for Eclipso was a massive surprise for anyone who watched the finale. However, now that we have Cindy and Eclipso together on the hunt for their Injustice Unlimited team, it makes us wonder how they will get. If we’re honest, she’s trying to get even with Courtney.

Of all the people Cindy has gone up against, Courtney has been the one person who can stand up to her. Burman doesn’t like this and feels it is her job to take down the leader of the JSA. She targets two closest to Courtney; her stepbrother, Mike and love interest, Cameron who happens to be Icicle’s son.

Cindy is cunning, but she is also naive when it comes to Eclipso. The Prince of Darkness doesn’t give a damn about anyone. He couldn’t less about a team up. All he wants to to wreck havoc upon Blue Valley by feeding off the darkness of others. He’ll likely feed off Mike’s rejected state, Cameron’s anger and sadness of being lied to by Courtney and losing his dad which will probably trigger his powers and of course, we have Yolanda. Now, Wildcat isn’t joining Injustice Unlimited, but she’ll go dark to some degree. Then, there’s Artemis and Isaac.

What will happen off them, we don’t now yet. We can only speculate.

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