Stargirl Season 3 Is A Go!

Season 3

Courtney’s story will continue in Stargirl Season 3…

Season 3 of Stargirl is a go on The CW after the series receives an earlier than usual renewal, as per Full Circle Cinema. The news comes just a couple of months before the Season 2 premiere in mid-August.

We reported a while ago that it’s been speculated that the story with Eclipso will continue into a potential Season 3. Well, it looks like that’s what we’re getting. In our speculation post, we spoke about the possibility of getting to see Bruce Gordon, the modern host of Eclipso. This is the only possible plot point we have for what could be ahead for Stargirl and the Justice Society.

Going onto Season 2, not much is known. However, there were plot points hinted at or were set up at the end of Season 1. Courtney and the team will have their situations to deal with. Rick will be feeling lighter after having avenged his parents. Yolanda will struggle with her slaughtering of Brainwave while still mourning Henry. Meanwhile, Beth will have a hard coping without the AI in Doctor Mid-Nite’s goggles, Chuck.

All this will feed into Courtney’s own struggles of keeping her stepbrother, Mike’s involvement in Icicle’s death away from Cameron. Elsewhere, Pat will learn that his best friend, Sylvester Pemberton is still alive while the team takes on old enemies and meets new ones with the introduction of The Shade and Eclipso.

Finally, the JSA will earn two new members; Mike’s friend, Jakeem who will become Jakeem Thunder and will partner with Thunderbolt. The second is assumed to be a version of Jade, who will become the Justice Society’s new Green Lantern after Alan Scott.

Stargirl will also see the return of Sir Justin, Paula Brooks, and Larry Crock, amongst others.

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