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Stargirl might be over for the time being but that is not going to stop us from speculating what comes next…

It’s speculation time! We have a while to wait until Stargirl Season 2. So, we thought we’d explore some possible theories for what we might see during the sophomore outing out of our newest superhero obsession!

Before we launch into our speculation, please bear in mind that this post does contain spoilers for Stargirl Season 1. We also do NOT have any ties to the production of the show so these are just our theories.

Speculation #1: Cameron Grieves The Loss Of His Father And His Powers Develop

We’ve known for a while that Cameron Mahkent has started to develop his icy powers. It’s been hinted that one or both his paternal grandparents might have the same abilities. We know his father, Jordan did and look at what happened to him! Mike hits him with Justin’s truck and he dissolves into ice. There’s no coming back from that… or so we think!

It’s been established that Cameron will return, but will he go full Icicle Junior and want revenge for the death of his dad? From what we’ve seen of him, he’s a sweet kid who just wants to make people happy with his art. He also has a megawatt smile that makes Courtney’s knees weak So… will he discover the truth about his father and want vengeance? Or will he venture down a different path? Could he go down the Killer Frost route and come out the other end a hero?

Since Jordan is no longer around to give his son advice, the responsibility will fall to Sofus and Lily. Since they were on their son’s side, it’s possible they might push their grandson to become the second Icicle.

Speculation #2: Henry Junior Is Alive And Teams Up With Sylvester

After going through an emotional character arc in Season 1, Henry King Jr discovered he had the same telepathic abilities as his father and ended up siding with the Justice Society. This ended up being his downfall as Brainwave killed him in order to drain him of his powers.

So, with the revelation that Sylvester Pemberton is alive, what if Henry is too? This might be the way that the superhero group Infinity Inc starts up.

There’s been no hint the superhero group exists in Stargirl but if they could introduce the Seven Soldiers of Victory (with eight members), they could do the same with Infinity Inc in Season 2. It would be a nice way for Sylvester and Henry to bond.

Perhaps Henry could learn things about his mother that he never knew and why his father actually killed her.

Speculation #3: The Shade Becomes A Neutral Figure

We know the Shade is going to play a big role next season and we’re aware that he betrayed Jordan. He makes his first physical appearance in ‘Stars and S.T.R.I.PE Part Two’ in the ISA headquarters.

We’re not actually sure what happens with him, but we’re hoping that he becomes a neutral figure. Why? Well, it would be nice to have someone who can simply observe the situation without actually getting involved. Though, he did kill the original Doctor Mid-Nite so who knows.

Speculation #4: The Gambler And Beth Face Off Again

We heard from Chuck (RIP!) that Steven Sharpe aka The Gambler and the original Doctor Mid-Nite were rivals given they had skills that were equal. It was a treat to see Beth go up against him before Jordan destroyed the AI.

It was one of the stand out moments involving the new Doctor Mid-Nite where she only has Chuck there as her backup when she’s outwitting Sharpe at his own game. So, what if they got to relive that rivalry in Season 2 with an upgraded version of the McNider AI? That would be epic to see!

Speculation #5: Yolanda Goes To The Dark Side

Yolanda changed so much over the first season. She went from being a popular student at Blue Valley High and Henry’s girlfriend to a loser after Cindy gets her hands on nude photos and sends them to the whole school.

After she embraces her destiny as the second Wildcat, her confidence returns and she becomes a valued member of the new Justice Society of America. However, losing her ex-boyfriend to his father broke something within her. She even goes so far as to reap her revenge in killing Brainwave when he attempted to get her to betray her friends.

We suspect that Yolanda will still be struggling with what she did come Season 2. This could potentially make her a target of Eclipso.

Speculation #6: Rick Learns More About His Dad’s Time As Hourman

Rick Tyler changed a lot during Season 1. As we spent time with him, we felt sorry for him as he lost his parents and was forced to live with his Uncle Matt who blames him for keeping him in Blue Valley.

Upon taking up his father’s former mantle of Hourman, Rick finally found that he had a purpose in life and a true family with the JSA. Being a hero even put a plug in his foul temper thanks to Beth being the one person who keeps him from making rash decisions.

It wouldn’t surprise us if we see Rick develop even more and learns more about his father’s time on the original JSA. It might even allow him to mellow more and understand why no one knew about his existence.

Speculation #7: Courtney Finally Calls Pat ‘Dad’

Courtney and Pat’s relationship has gone from strength to strength.

The teenage superheroine went from wanting nothing to do with her stepfather to relying heavily on him. She even refers to herself as his daughter. After coming face-to-face with her biological dad for the first time in years, Courtney realised that he was not Starman and nothing but a deadbeat and a con artist.

She realises that she is creating her own legacy and that she doesn’t have to be Starman’s daughter to do that. When Pat starts to get brainwashed by Brainwave, Courtney manages to break the spell just enough to not kill him.

Courtney gifts the present she had intended to give Sam when she was five to Pat. Since they’ve known each other, he’s been more of a father to her than deadbeat Kurtis ever has been. When she got hurt during her fight with Cindy, he helped cover for her. So, it wouldn’t surprise us if she starts calling him ‘dad’ during Season 2.

Speculation #8: Isaac Becomes The New Fiddler

He might have only had a minor role in Season 1, but Isaac Bowin is going to be in a world of pain come next season. His mother is dead and his father is still in prison. Before she died, Anaya told her precious son to punish his bullies the same way his dad did with his own trolls.

Prior to Project New America being launched, Isaac got into a fight with Brian who was calling him ‘Tuba turd’, It would not surprise us if Cindy recruits him to the new ISA if there is one.

Speculation #9: Eclipso Takes Over Several People We Know And Love

Eclipso was the last villain we expected to show up at the end of Season 1. When Cindy finds his little diamond we were a little surprised as we don’t anything about him and there were no hints of what was coming. After hearing a few things about him, we’ve actually got a theory which involves him.

What if Eclipso possesses Cameron, Yolanda, and Isaac? This would be a great way to force the JSA to realise those closest to them can turn on them at any moment.

Speculation #10: Sylvester Is Not Alive

When we saw Sylvester in that last scene of ‘Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E.Part Two’, it was one of those ‘holy crap’ moments. Though, it makes us wonder: is it actually him?

There is so many ways that the Sylvester storyline can play out. One of those is that he is not actually alive and someone is masquerading as him. How they could work through that is beyond us. Though, it might be someone who can create illusions.

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