Stargirl: Season 2 Poster Offers New Look At Main Cast

new look

A new look at the main cast of Stargirl via a new poster has raised a few questions…

As we edge ever so closer to the premiere of Stargirl Season 2, we’ve been treated to a new look at the cast in a brand new poster!

new look
[Credit: Stargirl Wiki]

We LOVE this poster so much. It really reflects on the tone of the season and how dark it will be. Before we begin our coverage of the new look, we want to give a huge shoutout to the Stargirl Wiki for their continued support of our continuing content. It’s really appreciated and we love the conversations we have on Twitter. Cannot wait for the chats when the show returns!

About a week ago we covered the new character portraits and the stills for the first three episodes. It took us forever to finish it but it was totally worth it. Now, it’s time to cover this amazing piece of art that we love more than the promo material for season 1.

Additional Faces

So, we begin the new look poster with something that is VERY noticeable. There are several new additions including Barbara, Cameron, Mike, and Cindy. This is a big nod to how much of a role these characters will play during the season.

The same was done last season with the Injustice Society front and centre with the JSA. What we don’t see on this poster is Eclipso who is also part of the main cast. He was the first character portrait revealed which was a few months back. Actually, there hasn’t been any footage of him outside of the image and the diamond that is seen around Cindy’s neck.

Another thing we noticed is the alignment of both Mike and Cameron. We actually had to take a second look because we thought Mike was on the new look poster twice. There’s a theory we’ll cover in another post with Mike and Cameron but perhaps there’s more to this than we think given where they’re placed.

Also, Mike appears to be bigger than Cameron and there’s a scowl on Cameron’s face. Again, we’ll go over this in our upcoming theory post.

Finally, Courtney looks so badass!

The Colours

Finally, one of the great things about this post is the colour scheme! Oof! So pretty! The colour scheme was hinted in the Eclipso first look and then in the teaser image of the cosmic staff. We’re finally getting content and we’re so excited to see what comes next.

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