Stargirl: Could Jordan Be Having Second Thoughts About Project: New America?

New America

Jordan’s Project: New America has T-12 hours until launches, but is he having second thoughts? We break down the Jordan and Henry Snr drama in this week’s Stargirl.

[CAUTION: Spoilers For Stargirl S01E11: Shining Knight and the Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E comic series]

Is Jordan having second thoughts about Project: New America? In this week’s Stargirl episode, ‘Shining Knight’, we see Icicle’s hesitation to brainwash Barbara and Brainwave’s caught on and well, perhaps he’s not as committed to the plan as he once was.

Brainwave was downright scary in this week’s episode and we thought he was going to kill Jordan at one point. However, by the end, Icicle didn’t hesitate to mention the Whitmores and the Dugans as their next targets.

Has Jordan started to realise that the woman he has a massive crush on might actually be worth saving? However, if he’s come to his senses, then could he actually go through with killing Barbara?

Henry’s Suggestion And Increased Powers

Brainwave makes the suggestion that he could erase Barbara’s memory of Courtney and Pat if Jordan wanted. Icicle tells him not to as a person is never the same if their minds are cleared. Oh, and he even tells his friend that Courtney is Stargirl. We saw that one coming a mile away as it had to happen.

Henry points out that he’s going to be in the minds of millions soon and they’ll all have a clean slate. He even gloats that Project: New America will be even greater than Jordan ever imagined as he felt his son’s powers draining into him as he felt him die. He also says with his increased power, he’ll be able to reprogram half the country.

Henry Mentions What Christine Would’ve Wanted For Cameron

Jordan’s hesitation doesn’t last long as Henry mentions what Christine wanted to happen. She wanted a better future for Cameron, though he doesn’t mention Icicle’s son at all.

He even has the nerve to tell Jordan to make up his mind soon or he’ll make it up for him. We’re not sure who could be worse. At least Icicle has a conscience and wouldn’t kill his son just to prove a point. Also, using Christine was a low blow, even for Henry.

What’s more is that once Henry leaves, Jordan is either thinking about wanting to freeze his team mate or he’s fuming that he’s being downplayed by a guy who just killed his own son.

Jordan Checks Barbara’s Browser History

With Jordan’s mind now back on task, he contacts Steven Sharpe AKA The Gambler to unlock Barbara’s computer. He finds the browser has been cleared and asks his teammate to access the data. What he finds is an article dating back ten years to him killing Starman.

It’s this moment that Jordan realises Barbara is on the verge of destroying everything he has fought for. In other words, there’s no turning back; she and her family need to die.

T-12 Hours

Jordan realises how his plan is coming together to how he wanted it and tells Henry that the Whitmore-Dugan family needs to go and that includes Mike, who does not yet know about his father and stepsister’s heroics or that his stepmother knows what’s going on.

No legacy can be left behind in the upcoming slaughter.

Our Thoughts

Who is really pulling the strings here? Henry? Or Jordan? Whatever the case is, it’s going to be messy. Though, it wouldn’t surprise us if Dragon King is behind the whole thing like he was in Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E.

Does Jordan have a heart after all? Neil Jackson, the actor plays the icy villain said prior to the ‘Icicle’ episode that we’d be conflicted about the character’s motivations. Well, he was right.

Jordan having a conscience could prove dangerous if Henry decides to double cross him. Is Project: New America really worth dying over? Also, does Icicle not think about how Cameron might feel when it comes to erasing his feelings fo Courtney? Probably not.

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