Stargirl: Looks Like Sam Kurtis Is On His Way To Blue Valley

They say a leopard can’t change its spots. Well, Henry Junior did and LOOK at what happened! However, will the appearance of Courtney’s biological father, Sam Kurtis change anything for Stargirl’s dynamic?

Sam Kurtis might be coming to Blue Valley and it looks like its going to be messy! With Barbara now knowing Pat and Courtney’s superhero secret, she started out torn of what to believe. As she sat at work, she emailed her ex about their daughter, but unbeknownst to her, he responded, though we don’t see the contents of the message.

We’ve already covered the Courtney’s father debate a couple of times. Our first was ‘Who is Courtney’s father?‘ and our investigation into who Sam Kurtis is. Now, we might actually get to see who he is and if he’s who Stargirl thinks he is. We seriously doubt he is, but if she’s wrong, it’ll make her question who she is.

How Might Sam’s Appearance Affect Courtney Going Forward?

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Depending on what happens next, Courtney is going to be in for one hell of a shock when Kurtis simply shows up in Blue Valley. When she realises Sam and Sylvester are totally different people, she’s going to see that her mother was right. Pat really is the closest paternal figure she’s ever had.

Courtney is going to be totally shattered to realise her romanticised vision of her father isn’t what she thought. If anything, we think it will only push her closer to Pat. She’s already formed a close bond with him because their Justice Society work.

If Sam says he’s a changed man and wants to be in his daughter’s life, Courtney had better be on alert, because he’s going to break her heart into a million pieces. He’s only going to say those things to get her on his side and then leave again as he did all those years ago.

It’s not going to be pretty when Kurtis reveals his true colours to Courtney.

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