Stargirl: Is There A Conflict Of Interest Between Lily And Sofus Mahkent?


The differing opinions of Sofus and Lily Mahkent could be damaging for Cameron…

Since the beginning of the series, Lily and Sofus Mahkent have appeared to be harmless. However, in the ‘Icicle’ episode, they were more than willing to cover up their son, Jordan’s killing of William Zarick, a member of the Injustice Society of America in which Jordan was the leader. A little later in ‘Brainwave’, they praised Barbara Whitmore but badmouthed her daughter, Courtney both times in their native Norwegian.

Between their last appearance in ‘Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E Part One’ and ‘Summer School: Chapter One’, the couple has somehow learned of Courtney’s identity as Stargirl and possibly the role she played in bringing down the ISA. If we had to guess, Jordan told them off-screen since he knew this thanks to Henry King Snr. What’s more is they appear to have very different ideas of how their orphaned grandson, Cameron should be dealing with his world’s largest crush.

Lily believes he should know about Courtney’s identity while Sofus thinks they should just let him be happy. After all, Courtney is able to put a smile on his face when nothing else is able to since his father’s death.

The Issue

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Now, we love Camney. They’re cute, adorable, and have all sorts of goals. Though, something within our gut tells us that this is going to end in heartache and pretty soon. Cindy is looking to recruit Cameron for her new group, Injustice Unlimited. The reason? He’s an ISA legacy like Artemis Crock and Isaac Bowin and the late Henry King Jr.

How she is going to achieve this is anyone’s guess at this point but something tells us it’s not going to be pretty when the truth comes out.

Going back to Lily and Sofus, we have a nagging feeling one of them is going to try and bump the other one off. Why we think this is completely unclear. Stargirl has given us twists before like the killing of Henry at the hands of his own father caught everyone by surprise. It was gut-wrenching and emotional and it drove the plot forward when it came to the JSA’s combined story arc.

If Sofus and/or Lily were to die, it would push Cameron over the edge. He has already lost his mother and his father. The only family he has left is his grandparents. If he does discover Courtney’s ‘betrayal’, it will push him further to becoming Icicle Junior or better yet, Icicle II. Though, we don’t think it will be enough to accelerate him to villain status.

His grandparents’ death definitely would.

It may be possible that Sofus might realise that Cameron shouldn’t be following in his father’s footsteps. Him telling his wife that their grandson should be happy might be the beginning of this. Shawn McBee, the graphic designer on the show and the co-host of the Stargirl Aftershow podcast has said that Cameron has been both bad and good in the comics.

The Frost Theory

Stargirl Season 1
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Many fans (including us) believe that part of Cameron’s journey may head down the Frost/Caitlin route. Now, for those of you who don’t watch The Flash, let us explain.

During the early seasons of The Flash, Dr. Caitlin Snow struggled with having two personalities; her own and Killer Frost. Her powers start to manifest in Season 2. During Savitar’s reign of terror, Killer Frost took over Caitlin’s body completely but after everything else that occurs, the pair became close to the point they came to see each other as sisters. In Season 7, Killer Frost, now known simply as Frost becomes a literal separate entity from Caitlin when she somehow ends up with her own body. Also, Frost is the only one allowed to call Caitlin, ‘Caity’.

Caitlin and Frost had come down with headaches and eventually, this caused them to become two separate people much to everyone else’s surprise. Think of it as like the Greek mythological story where Zeus comes down with a headache and someone splits his head open and Athena emerges full-grown in battle armour.

Cameron’s journey might lead him down both the good and evil roads.

There was one storyline in the comics where he does side with the JSA (or whoever it was) at one point, but it was never anything permanent. It might’ve been when Artemis was in danger when she was pregnant with their daughter, Isabelle. We’re not one hundred percent sure.

Cameron, for now, is too nice of a character who doesn’t appear to have an evil bone in his body. However, if there’s one thing the series has taught us thus far, it’s expecting the unexpected. Also, Sofus might be the one to prevent his grandson from following his dad down the villain’s path.

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