Stargirl: Cindy Makes A Near Fatal Mistake!

Any comic book reader knows that mistakes in a superhero story hold massive consequences, and this week’s Stargirl is NO different. As Cindy and her new team, Injustice Unlimited, attempt to reap their “revenge” on the JSA, their so-called ally, Eclipso, has other ideas. While we as the audience knew from the beginning that the evil being wasn’t going to keep his promise to serve his mistress, it was only a matter of time before everything unravelled and not in a good way.

Before we launch into the post, please be advised we will be talking about spoilers. Please do not read ahead if you haven’t watched the episode.

Troubled Kids

Let’s begin with Artemis and Isaac. Since Larry and Paula are in prison and Anaya was killed in a “hunting accident”, their children haven’t been the same. They’ve struggled and needed guidance. Moreover, they instantly joined Cindy so they could let out their emotions. However, little did they realise they were being used themselves. Did Shiv care about them? No. As Cameron mentioned in the previous episode, she has never cared about anything, let alone anyone else’s life.

The two orphaned ISA legacies made big mistakes in joining forces with Cindy. Though, we applaud them for trying to avenge their parents. Anyway, they put up a good fight, but it cost them greatly. Isaac ended meeting his demise while Artemis barely got out of there alive. Can you imagine what her parents would’ve said if she’d died in that fight? They’d be livid and out for blood.

Isaac first appears at the Diner where Yolanda attempts to serve him until he brings up her nude photo scandal. He then blames her and her friends for what happened to his parents, despite not knowing Artemis’ parents killed his mother.

Artemis, meanwhile, corners Beth outside the American Dream and threatens her with the stereotypical jock v. nerd fight.

One Step Closer


Jumping away from Injustice Unlimited for a moment, and Courtney and Cameron come face-to-face for the first since their almost kiss, which was the day before if Cameron’s comment about Cindy’s weird visit is any indication.

Anyway, Courtney and Pat “volunteer” to clean up the art room after Paul Deisinger was corrupted (but not killed) by Eclipso. Cameron shows up and is not in a good way, having heard about his friend’s sudden “mental break”. He says that he’s tired of “bad things happening to good people”. Suddenly, Pat calls Courtney over to where he’s found a painting of Cindy with the black diamond.

Cameron asks what Cindy’s holding in the painting, and Courtney is forced to lie through her teeth and says she doesn’t know. Pat then manages to come up with an excuse to leave. Awkwardly, Courtney promises Cameron she’ll call him. Moreover, this indicates that the further he is lied to or stood up again, the more likely he’s not going to be able to hold his emotions in for much longer.

Barbara Calls In Reinforcements


After Pat is admitted to the hospital with a bad concussion, Barbara comforts Courtney who is devastated that she couldn’t protect her stepfather from Isaac and Artemis. Giving her daughter a pep talk, Barb tells her to go and kick Cindy’s ass and to save Mike.

Once Courtney has left, Barbara pulls out The Shade’s business card and calls the number that he conjured up in the previous episode. Knowing she has no other option, Barb explains that Cindy has the black diamond. At this moment, they’re both on the same page as they know what has to be done; Eclipso needs to be stopped before he can cause too much damage.

During the end of the fight, The Shade comes in and faces off against – with his words – against Cindy, calling Injustice Unlimited’s battle against the JSA, a teenage gang fight.

The JSA then questions Courtney as to whose side the Shade is on. At that moment, it was pretty obvious what was going on there.

However, mistakes are made when Courtney attacks Cindy who has risen the diamond to summon Eclipso. The Cosmic Staff hits the diamond, shattering it and the evil entity is freed.

IU Won’t Be Forgetting Their Mistakes Any Time Soon


With Eclipso now free, he pulls one of Cindy’s shivs from one of her wrists and hurls it at Isaac, who he then devours. With the Prince of Darkness preoccupied, Artemis high tails it out there before she herself becomes a target.

After Isaac is killed, Eclipso then sends Cindy someplace, and it is clear she is terrified as she asks Courtney for help. We did NOT expect that. However, there is no way that was the end of her.

Hopefully, we see her again, but in the meantime, Eclipso is the bigger evil. Can Cindy atone for the better? Who knows but let’s pray that she comes back and actually wants to help in stopping her former ally. She can blame Courtney all she wants for her miserable life, but she’s the one who made the mistakes.

She believed she was all-powerful with Eclipso, but her desire to get back at her longtime rival, caused her to lose a member of her team to an evil entity who never cared about helping her.

Artemis, having watched someone die, may have to rethink her “revenge” plan. Yes, the JSA put her parents behind bars, but they had it coming. They’ve murdered, they’ve stolen, and done who knows what else. Do they regret their crimes? Unknown. We know LOVE chaos. Look at how many football coaches they killed in their daughter’s name. We understand now how Jordan felt about having to clean up their messes.

The worst case is that the Crocks join forces and revive Injustice Unlimited. Since Paula and Larry are becoming main characters next season, there is every possibility this might happen. Maybe once the truth comes out surrounding Cameron, then perhaps he joins them. We won’t know anything until next season.

The JSA Need To Watch Out And They Need To Avoid Making IU’s Mistakes

After the fight with Injustice Unlimited and Eclipso, the JSA is left rattled and unsure of what to do next.

At the Pit Stop, Beth informs Rick he has a broken rib. Yolanda tells them that Isaac didn’t deserve to die as he wasn’t evil, just a messed up kid. What’s more, is, she says Eclipso needs to die.

Meanwhile, in Pat’s hospital room, Courtney and Mike fill their parents in on the fight with Cindy and Injustice Unlimited.

Mike tells his father that he can’t keep being put on the sidelines because Cindy tried to kill him and he needs his own version of S.T.R.I.P.E. was destroyed by Artemis and Isaac after they rendered Pat unconscious. they made some massive mistakes on that one. They did realise that Pat will just rebuild it, right?

Courtney confirms that Cindy and Isaac are both dead and Artemis is MIA. The whole encounter has shaken her and Mike up as they both watched Eclipso kill Isaac and send Cindy who knows where.

Just a side note here. Courtney and Pat watched Joey die last season and Pat saw his friends in the OG JSA perish to the ISA. However, for Mike, he was responsible for killing Jordan, though he wasn’t really affected by it. Though, we doubt Cameron will see it that way. He [Mike] admitted to Yolanda a couple of episodes back that Icicle’s demise was an accident, which made her realise that her situation of killing Brainwave and what happened with Icicle was not the same thing.

What Yolanda did was on purpose. Mike’s little incident with Icicle was not. What’s more is, their mistakes will come back to get them eventually. We know that Brainwave is coming back in next week’s episode to haunting our beloved Wildcat.

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