Questions From Stargirl Season 1

With Stargirl Season 1 having just come to a close, we wanted to go over a few questions people have been asking since the beginning of the show’s run.

We have so many questions that we thought we’d create star question time! We’re going to be talking about the most frequently asked subjects since the beginning of Stargirl Season 1. Grab your popcorn because we’re going to be diving into all the fun bits!

[Please be aware that this post covers the entirely of Stargirl Season 1 so you’ve been warned.]

Star Question #1: Who Is Courtney’s Dad?

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This has been frequently asked in a number of different ways so we’re going to answer this as if it was two parts. Please note that this is only going off the television series and not the Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. comic series.

The first part is Courtney’s paternity then we’ll go onto the next part of our star question.

Courtney’s biological dad is a conman named Sam Kurtis who arrives in Blue Valley after he is sent an email by Barbara. He never wanted to know his daughter and only wanted her locket because it was worth a lot of money, according to him.

Now, the second part of this star question is whether Sylvester/Starman and Courtney/Stargirl are related.

To answer to that is no, they aren’t. We were always given hints that Sylvester was not using Sam Kurtis as an alias and was therefore not Courtney’s dad and not related in any way, shape, or form. If they had been, Pat would’ve known given he was Pemberton’s sidekick and best friend.

Courtney had been waiting for her father to show up for so long that she when she saw the photo of Sylvester she naturally assumed that he was her dad given the resemblance.

A quick note about the photo inside in the locket Courtney wears for most of the season. The photo inside is a photoshopped photo of Joel McHale who plays Starman as they had not cast the guy who portrayed Sam Kurtis at that point in production.

Star Question #2: What Happened To Denise Zarick?

star question
[Credit: Stargirl Fandom]

We don’t actually know what happened to Denise Zarick. It’s been speculated that she drowned since her car was found to have swamp muck inside. It’s possible the ISA sent Solomon Grundy after her like they did Rick’s parents, Rex and Wendi.

Star Question #3: Is Henry King Junior Really Dead?

redemption arc; 101 fun facts; star question
[Credit: Stargirl Fandom]

This is a question we have often asked ourselves since the heartbreaking Brainwave Jr episode.

Henry King Jr, who had recently realised his dad was evil, changed his behaviour only to be killed by his own father while protecting his new friends. As gut wrenching as this was to watch, we’ve been wondering if there is an ounce of truth to whether he is actually dead.

We thought we had an answer during Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E Part Two, but it turned out to be an illusion triggered by Brainwave to get Yolanda to lower her guard and take him back to her friends so he could kill them.

Now, Geoff Johns revealed in an interview that Jake Austin Walker (Henry) and Christopher James Baker (Brainwave) would NOT be involved in Season 2, meaning the characters are for now, dead.

Star Question #4: Is Starman Stargirl’s Uncle?

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[Credit: CBR]

We answered this above in the paternity question but we’ll answer it anyway. Starman is NOT related to Courtney in any way and is therefore, not her uncle.

Though, Sylvester is the uncle of Henry King Jr whose mother, Merri is his sister and Brainwave’s wife. Whether this will be addressed in Season 2 is yet to be seen.

Star Question #5: What Is Going On With Cameron?

legacies; star question
[Credit: Stargirl Fandom]

Our biggest star question is what the hell is going on with Icicle’s son, Cameron? We’ve seen so little of him. We know he’s being set up as Courtney’s love interest and he has powers that he’s oblivious of. So… what’s coming next for him?

Here’s the thing we’ve noticed. He’s a wildcard character who could go literally anywhere. He doesn’t know who his family is and that his dad was a bad guy. There’s also never been a good version of Cameron in the comics, but this could change.

Look at Artemis for example. In the comics, she is the daughter of Sportsmaster and Tigress and takes on the same mantle as her mother. In Young Justice, she begins as a mystery and is the protégé and ‘niece’ of Green Arrow. She sided with both sides of the equation but has always had a good reason for doing so.

With Cameron in Stargirl, he is only beginning to come into his powers as seen in The Justice Society. Though, this was the only time in the whole of season 1 that this was shown. It’s possible that he could be a so-called thorn in Courtney’s side as she feels guilty for Mike’s part in Jordan’s death.

However, if Cameron were to discover Courtney knew her brother killed his dad, then it may put any chance of a relationship with her at risk. Though, there’s also a possibility that he doesn’t care that his father died as he had very little to do with Jordan as he was growing up.

After all, Cameron didn’t have the greatest relationship with his father in the comics and didn’t entertain the idea of maintaining his legacy.

Star Question #6: What Happened To Bobbie Burman?

star question
[Credit: Stargirl Fandom]

One of the biggest mysteries after the airing of Shiv Part One was what happened with Cindy’s stepmother, Bobbie? We learned from Chuck in Shiv Part Two that she might not be human as he couldn’t identify her. What makes this even more creepy is we don’t see her again after Cindy’s fight with Courtney in the street.

Beth is later seen outside the Burman house where Chuck tells her that Cindy had withdrawn from Blue Valley High and was overseas with her mother. We know this isn’t true.

Meg DeLacy who plays Cindy was asked about what her character would be doing now without her parents around. She said that Burman now has no authority holding her back and that her involvement with Eclipso would involve everyone if the Season 2 page of the Stargirl Fandom site is to be believed.

Now, what does this have to do with our star question? Well, what if Eclipso is responsible for Bobbie’s existence outside of the theory she’s one of Dragon King’s drones? We just hope we get an explanation to what happened to her, even if it is as simple as ‘she was a drone and got destroyed’.

Star Question #7: Will We See Isaac Inherit The Fiddler Mantle?

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[Credit: Stargirl Fandom]

We know little about Isaac Bowin as we don’t see him a lot. Though, we know where he is headed in his character arc. He is poised to become the next Fiddler, after his mother’s murder at the hands of Tigress and by extension, Sportsmaster. This was set up in Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E Part One when he goes to his mother in tears because he was being picked on. Anaya then told him about how his father got revenge on his own bullies by violently putting them in their place.

Isaac goes down a similar route when he attacks one of his bullies on the football field with his tuba in Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E Part Two. We get a hint at his potential future status when we see the violin case lying next to his mother’s body. However, we don’t actually know if he learns of Anaya’s death as he is not seen after the ‘Tuba turd’ incident.

The Fiddler’s son has appeared in one more episode than fellow ISA legacy, Cameron Mahkent who is a main character and yet we know nothing of his future. Isaac was basically being pushed by his mother to accept his fate as a villain, despite her desire to keep him in the dark earlier in Season 1.

Whether Isaac will take up his parents’ former mantle is likely.

Star Question #7: What Happens With Yolanda Now That She Has Taken A Life?

Yolanda; 101 Fun Facts
[Credit: ComicBook]

One of the most shocking twists from the Season 1 finale was Yolanda’s slaughter of Brainwave. She told Rick earlier in the episode that killing is wrong, but a few scenes later, she killed the man who murdered his own son. When we see the second Wildcat towards the end of Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E Part Two, she is pondering over what she did.

Since Eclipso is coming into play and Meg DeLacy has teased that his involvement will involve everyone, it would not surprise us if Yolanda becomes a target. We’ve thought about this star question since the finale aired and we have a sick feeling that she will fall to the dark side, at least for a short time.

There’s so much they could do with Yolanda’s arc for Season 2 seeing as she’s killed off in the comics almost straight away. Having her grow into someone who is basically Rick 2.0 would be interesting to see.

Star Question #8: What Is Rick’s Purpose Now That He Doesn’t Want Revenge For His Parents’ Murders?

Star question
[Credit: Stargirl Fandom]

When the truth about the deaths of Rex and Wendi Tyler was revealed to their son, Rick, let’s just say he was out for blood. He wanted to kill Solomon Grundy with his bare hands. When he got his chance he almost took it, but didn’t and exiled the beast.

By the end of the season finale, he is at peace with having avenged his parents. This is a big turnaround to what we saw in earlier episodes where he just charges into a fight without thinking of the consequences. This is where Beth usually comes in and makes him restrain himself.

With Season 2, Rick’s dynamic will change. We don’t know what his situation will be as we also don’t know the fate of his Uncle Matt whom was raising him after his parents died. For all we know about the town drunk, he might have been one of the people who tried to resist Brainwave’s control and died.

Rick will be in a much happier place than he has been, but there is no doubt he will continue to be protective of the girls who are like his sisters.

Star Question #9: Will Chuck Be Repaired?

star question
[Credit: Stargirl Fandom]

One of the most devastating losses to the JSA during their final showdown with the ISA was Chuck, the AI inside the Doctor Mid-Nite goggles. Despite being an extension of Charles McNider, the Artificial Intelligence was very much a part of the team. Jordan destroyed the eyewear while Beth was wearing them and it almost killed her.

Beth had come to develop a close bond with Chuck and having him be destroyed shattered her self-confidence. However, her friends reminded her that while the AI helped to her become Doctor Mid-Nite, she didn’t need her best pal in order to succeed as a hero. So, that begs the question of whether the goggles can be repaired and whether the software will be back up and running.

We want to say yes, it is extremely possible. For all we know, McNider might’ve had a backup of the code he created in case the AI was destroyed. Beth can still be Doctor Mid-Nite without Chuck and the goggles, but it would limit her abilities to help the team win a fight.

We have to consider the possibility that if Chuck were to be repaired, he might be different to what we’re familiar with. For example, the AI might have a totally different voice and therefore, personality to McNider.

Star Question #10: Which ISA Members Survived?

legacies; star question
[Credit: SuperHeroHype]

Now, this has been a star question a lot of people have asked on social media. We thought we’d add it here.

Which Injustice Society members will be likely be back? To begin, it should be noted that of all the ISA personalities we were introduced in Season 1, none of them have been confirmed to be coming back so far. But, according to Geoff Johns, Brainwave is 100% dead and this will drive Yolanda’s story forward.

However, he stated that you never know who might appear next season so don’t rule out the other villains. From what was also said, the adversaries who survived may be flushed out more and we’ll see what makes them tick. Additionally, we’ll see inside their minds on how they felt about Jordan’s plan.

From what the Stargirl Fandom Injustice Society page has given us, the surviving members include:

  • Paula Brooks/Tigress
  • Larry Crock/Sportsmaster
  • Steven Sharpe/The Gambler

As far as we know, the following are dead:

  • William Zarick/The Wizard
  • Jordan Mahkent/Icicle
  • Henry King Snr/Brainwave
  • Anaya Bowin/The Fiddler II

Dragon King was only an ally in Project: New America. Cindy is not a member, but an (indirect) ally. Also, his status is unknown as he’s hard to kill.

Members that are MIA or deserted the team are:

  • The Shade
  • The Original Fiddler (likely in prison)
  • Cyrus Gold/Solomon Grundy (released by Rick)

Tigress, Sportsmaster, and Gambler are bound to be back. We’re just waiting on official confirmation for these characters.

Star Question #11: Is Sylvester Really Alive?

star question
[Credit: Stargirl Fandom]

The last scene of the season came as a bit of a surprise to everyone. We see Sylvester Pemberton aka Starman in California looking for Pat. That was where it was left. According the way Brec Bassinger was talking in an interview she did, it sounded like it isn’t someone pretending to be him.

To conclude our star question, it appears Sylvester is alive, but what this means is anyone’s guess at this point. For all we know he could take on the Skyman mantle like he does in the comics as he was never Starman. Does this mean Courtney will have to give back the staff?

Star Question #12: Why Did The Shade Betray Icicle?

star question
[Credit: Stargirl Fandom]

The Shade received a mention from Dragon King and was seen in the pilot episode killing Doctor Mid-Nite. However, he betrayed Icicle and was not involved in Project New America. The star question is why would he do this?

Well, hopefully Season 2 has an answer. All we know is what Shade said when he showed up in the ISA headquarters after Jordan died. He claims as he watches the news report that Icicle’s plan was folly, meaning it was going to fail.

Perhaps he thought that it was a stupid idea to control parts of America in the name of Christine.

Star Question: #13: Will We See More Of Sofus And Lily Mahkent?

[Credit: Stargirl Fandom]

On the outside, Jordan’s parents, Sofus and Lily are well-meaning and are helping to raise Cameron. However, they hold a much darker presence then we’re originally lead to believe. They approve of their son’s Project New America and are willing to cover up his crimes. This comes with also having to conceal the truth from their grandson.

With their son now dead, this means Sofus and Lily are the sole guardians of Cameron. That begs the question of what they will tell him about his father’s death. As far as we know, they aren’t aware of the JSA’s involvement but this could change.

We will likely see how they’re coping with the loss of their son and how they’re choosing to raise Cameron while dealing with their family secret. They might even tell him about who their family. Jordan’s no longer around to tell them what to do. Will they start corrupting him into siding with the ISA? Will they help shape him into becoming his father’s successor in the Icicle mantle? Maybe.

Star Question #14: If A New ISA Is Formed, Who Could Join?

[Credit: One Page News]

Everyone has been wondering who could be on a new version of the Injustice Society since most its members are dead. Well, in this star question, we’re going to break it down.

First we have Cindy, who was desperate to join the original team. She’s still an ally and let’s not forget, she believes she succeeded in killing her father.

There’s a few potential candidates, but they haven’t been 100% confirmed. These include:

  • Isaac – taking over him his parents
  • Cameron – possible replacement for his father
  • Artemis – possible but her parents aren’t dead, just knocked out
  • The Shade – returns to a possible new iteration of the group
  • Eclipso – will wreck havoc no matter where he goes since he is under Cindy’s commands

We know that Tigress and Sportsmaster are still alive and so is the Gambler. Artemis’ parents and Steven don’t get along so it will be interesting to who actually leads the team.

Star Question #15: Will We See Patricia Dugan?

superhero lifestyle
[Credit: Fangirlish]

Our next star question is intriguing. In 2001, Geoff Johns introduced Patricia Dugan during the comic run of JSA. Patricia who debuts in issue #26 is the half-sister of Courtney and Mike as Pat is her dad and Barbara is her mum. In the future she becomes her sister’s successor and becomes Starwoman.

There’s been no reference to Barbara being pregnant at the end of Season 1, so maybe it might happen later down the track. There’s certainly room for it given that Patricia was created by Geoff like Courtney was.

If we do get Patricia, it might not be Season 2, but perhaps Season 3 or later. It all depends on what Geoff has cooked up.

Star Question #16: What Will Happen With Mike In Regards To Him Killing Jordan?

star question
[Credit: Stargirl Fandom]

One character who is up in in the air in regards to what happens to them next season is Mike, Courtney’s stepbrother. We know he was responsible for running over and killing Jordan. But, how far will they push the story? It will all depend on what happens between his stepsister and Cameron.

If they were to get together, Courtney would have the information of her brother killing her boyfriend’s dad on her conscience. If this were to get out, it would make or break the relationship and we hope Cameron doesn’t go down the dark route.

Should the situation turn Cameron from ignorant of the truth to public nemesis for the JSA, Courtney mightn’t have a choice but to take him down. It would break her heard, but she would be thinking about her brother’s safety first.

Cameron could start hunting Mike as revenge for killing his father and this could be how Courtney is forced to step in. We know that the boy was only trying to protect his family and prove himself to the JSA. However, the potential Icicle Junior probably won’t see it that way. To him, it might be seen as a betrayal.

Star Question #17: Could We Get Development With Artemis?

awaits; star question
[Credit: Stargirl Fandom]

Yes, we could see more development and honestly, we would love to see more of her. She’s only had like three or four lines of dialogue so it would be nice for her role to be extended. We just hope her character arc doesn’t follow the comics where she marries Cameron.

We would love for her to have more of a role that could possibly lead her to side with the ISA or the JSA. At the moment, her competitive nature has caused more than a few headaches. She has beat up one of her male teammates on the football team for purposely knocking into her.

For all we know, Paula and Crusher might hint at something to their daughter and she puts the pieces together.

Star Question #18: Will We See Flashbacks Of Sylvester’s Youth?

star question
[Credit: Stargirl Fandom]

We’re now aware that Sylvester shares a connection to Brainwave and Henry; he is their brother-in-law and uncle, respectively. So, does that mean we could see flashbacks to his past and possibly see younger versions of him and potentially, Brainwave? Maybe.

It would give more context to their relationship and how Starman and Brainwave ended up as enemies. It might even explain Sylvester’s familial bond with his sister, Merri and whether he knew his nephew.

Star Question #19: Is Dragon King Dead?

star question
[Credit: ScreenRant]

For our second last star question, we need to ask whether Dragon King is still alive. Cindy ran him through with her wrist daggers, but that means nothing when it comes to the mad scientist.

In an earlier episode, Pat tells the JSA it’s very hard for Dr Ito to die. This was because of the experiments he did on himself in the early 1900s. Also, this enabled him live into his 100s and being transformed into a lizard man.

Star Question #20: What Role Will Barbara And Mike Play Within The JSA?

star question
[Credit: Stargirl Fandom]

Finally, our last star questions is what role Barbara and Mike will within the JSA.

We know Barbara is now understanding of what the JSA does. She has become a maternal figure to Courtney’s friends and they’ve come to embrace her as their den mother. Going forward, she may serve as a mediator when things get traumatic and upsetting.

As for Mike, he wants to be a member of the team. In the comics, he does team up with Courtney. He replaces his father as the pilot of S.T.R.I.P.E. so it’s possible he might start training with the robot.

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