Stargirl THEORY: Could There Be A Potential Romeo + Juliet/Star-Crossed Lovers Dynamic Between Courtney And Cameron?


We’ve been loving the slow burning potential romance between Courtney and Cameron in Stargirl. It has star-crossed written all over it and we couldn’t be more excited for what’s to come.

We have so many feels in regards to what could potentially come from the relationship between Courtney Whitmore and Cameron Mahkent. There is so much to unpack and we’re feeling super googy as we’re really shipping these two! We’re sensing a star-crossed situation that these two awkward (in a good way) teenagers might end up embroiled in.

During this season, we’ve really seen a side of Cameron’s dad, Jordan that allows us to sympathise with the Mahkents. We see what makes the father-of-one tick and the loss of his wife, Christine to cancer is what drives him to make the decision to kill the people who exposed her to the toxin that eventually killed her. It is also the qualities that Courtney’s mother, Barbara that draws the villain to her, though we’re not sure if he develops romantic feelings for her or whether he is going to use her for another purpose.

However, the relationship between Cameron and Courtney has been almost nonexistent until the episode ‘Shiv Part One’ where the son of Icicle hints to his father of a crush he has on a girl but isn’t sure if she likes him back. We’ve seen small indications that there’s something going to happen, but we just don’t know what.

We saw the interaction between Cameron and Courtney in the ‘Icicle’ episode where they officially meet in Math class. However, this was their only interaction in the whole episode. We also see them look at each other in the hallway when Joey Zarick gets his card trick wrong before their meeting. It’s not until ‘Shiv Part One’ that any development happens.

Where Does The Star-Crossed Theory Come Into Play?

Let’s set the scene, shall we? We get to the end of Season 1 and Cameron’s powers have started to manifest more than just the ice breath we saw in ‘The Justice Society’ episode. Something happens and he discovers that Courtney is Stargirl and she finds out that he is Icicle’s son. Despite the feelings they have for each other, they agree to stay away from each other.

It should also be noted that they’re on opposite sides of the status quo. He’s the son of Icicle of the ISA. She’s the leader of the new JSA. Bit like the Capulets and the Montagues in Romeo + Juliet.

Now, this is where our theory crosses over into star-crossed territory. Despite having an agreement, Cameron and Courtney keep running into each other everywhere they go. With their emotions running high, they start a secret relationship under the noses of everyone, especially the JSA and Jordan who knows Courtney is Barbara’s daughter, but not as the girl his son has been crushing on and more importantly, Stargirl.

Eventually, the pair get caught by one of the JSA members – we’d go with either Pat or maybe Beth who then blabs to the others – and are told they can’t be together. By this time, the JSA know that Icicle is Jordan and that Cameron is his son and they aren’t happy when they discover their leader’s secret.

What adds more fuel to the fire, the information somehow gets out to Jordan who then confronts his son over the relationship. Cameron then throws his father’s attraction to Barbara back in his face and dynamic between Courtney and Cameron would just go back and forth despite objections.

Does This Theory Link Up With The Comics In Any Way?

No, this theory does not match up with the comics. We need to stress that Cameron is Icicle’s supervillain legacy in the original source material. He also goes on to marry Artemis Crock and has a daughter with her.

Not to mention, Courtney had a series of romances including Billy Batson. In the ‘Stars and STRIPE’ storyline her love interest was a guy named Josh Hamman.

We know that Cameron currently doesn’t know who his father truly is or that he’s inherited his dad’s ice powers. This isn’t a huge deal as most of the other ISA kids don’t. Moreover, Cindy knows basically everything from what’s been alluded to.

However, there could be elements from the comics that are changed for the show. One example could be that Courtney becomes Cameron’s main love interest instead of Artemis. The reason for this would be that there’s been no inkling that Crock and Mahkent even know each other. We only know that their parents are obviously on the same team.

Another example is the idea that Cameron hasn’t displayed any villainous traits. Having ice powers doesn’t automatically make you evil. Yes, the ability is often associated with that side, but people can change. Look at Killer Frost on The Flash. She was evil, but than she became an anti-hero before she finally reverted to being a hero.

Cameron might not become evil, especially if he finds out his dad has killed people.

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