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Babes Against Bullshit: The Reality That Sussex Stans Need To Realise – Meghan Is A Liar

Bring it on. That is all I’m going to say. Stans of the Harkles or Meghan in particular need to realise their girl is not the saint they think she is. It has to be said and I am not afraid to voice to the world. What really pisses me off is how people will throw the racism card out there when the whole situation has nothing to do with it. There have been rumours floating around for a while that in Markle’s early days as an actor, she identified as white. I’m still not sure if I believe that. It would be like the whole miscarriage debacle all over again.

As much I dislike Meghan, I will never say hate because it’s too strong of a word, I think ignoring the fact that she is biracial in the early part of her career is a bit extreme, even for her. Also, if this was actually the case, one of her ex-friends would’ve come out and said it. Same applies with her miscarriage. Her op-ed in the New York Times didn’t add up, though. How is it, Harry was allowed in the room during her examination during the middle of a pandemic when other partners aren’t allowed to be with their wives or girlfriends when they’ve miscarried? Also, I seriously doubt Markle would’ve hummed anything to Archie and I don’t think she would’ve been holding him as it was happening.

My mother had several miscarriages before and after she had me and they didn’t happen like the op-ed said of Markle’s. Also, Meghan has obviously copied some of her article from others. It’s not the first time she’s done this. If I’m honest, I think she did miscarry but it didn’t play out the way she wrote. Anyway, let’s continue.

Sorry, Not Sorry… Stans Suck!

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Meghan and Harry are their own worst enemies. Their stans will stand by them regardless. Their lies are spiralling and it is beginning to catch up with them. Thomas Markle Snr has been throwing barbs at his daughter regarding the ‘leaked letter’ if is anything to go on.

All Meghan has ever been interested in is gaining mega popularity where she’s the most famous person in the world. Well, she got her wish but it’s not because how ‘popular’ she is. It’s because of her behaviour. I’ve spoken about this before. It has nothing to do with her race. She can spew this all she wants and only stans will believe it. Any sensible and sane person wouldn’t buy into this. Also, Markle’s mouthpiece, Omid Scobie isn’t much help. All he does is sing her praises.

Honestly, I don’t really care that the reason Omid supports Meghan is because he too has suffered a biracial person. Perhaps he did have a time, who knows but I do NOT for a moment think Markle suffered. This is just a PR tactic to make her look like a fragile person. We might’ve been understanding in the beginning, but for four years, she has pulled the same ‘I’m a victim of racism’ card and people are seeing through it.

Meghan’s stans can’t tell the difference between a lie and the truth. Can they not see that she is playing a game that she is not winning? I’ve said before in other posts that I stand for everyone, regardless of skin colour and sexual orientation. Markle doesn’t care about other people unless they can give her something she wants, like for example she’s using Harry and his connections as a royal to get a title so she can continue being in Hollywood.

Stans Will Always Be There

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Stans are always going to back someone who isn’t worth backing. They can go on and on about what a great person their idol is because they do A, B, and C. Sorry, but actions speak louder than words.

If Meghan cared about any of the charities she and Harry back, we would actually have witnesses and spokespeople come out every time the Sussexes do something and say they have done good. Now, the one issue I have with the Harkles is how they don’t take responsibility for anything.

Harry has issued apologies in the past for things he has done pre-Meghan but he wouldn’t now. His wife has corrupted him into not apologising for his actions. Princess Diana would be rolling in her grave. This is not the boy she raised. If he thought his mother would adore his precious Meg, Paul Burrell was right on the money. In other words, no she wouldn’t. They would clash in more ways than one.

Anyone who supports Meghan and by extension, Harry’s bad behaviour, must really love the idea of living in luxury. All Megs wants is money. Though, she does realise that cash and expensive items isn’t going to buy her happiness, doesn’t it? I seriously doubt she can tell the truth anymore. She is so wrapped up in her own little world she thinks everything she is saying is true.

Last thing you want to do is to boost Meghan’s ego further. Remember that interview she did where the interviewer said she wasn’t the only powerful woman? She wasn’t thrilled! What pisses me off about her is how she sprouts pretty words, but fails to see how she treats people. She screamed at staff and allegedly told Lady Cosgrove to “Fuck off” when she and Harry were in Australia.

Thomas And Samantha Weren’t Far Off Their Mark

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Okay, I’m just going to come out and say it. I have never been a fan of Thomas, Samantha and Thomas Junior. However, they weren’t far off the mark when it comes to Meghan.

They went about slamming Meghan in the wrong way just so they could get cash. However, everything they have said has turned out to be dead on true. This is not me being bitter. I really could not care less about the Sussex pity train. This couple has only been throwing tantrums because the monarchy hasn’t done what they’ve wanted. Even though they have been given specific order by the Queen not to do things, they have still done things either way. I’ve already talked about the Sussexes preaching their shit to the world.

I can only imagine what the royal family and the Markles are thinking every time Harry and Meghan’s names are mentioned in anything. It would be a massive cringe factor if I’m being honest here. The couple would love nothing more than to shout from the rooftop of their Santa Barbara home, “We’re the best things to happen to the world! Worship us!” Yeah, not gonna happen.

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