The Whole World Must Be Racist If They Don’t Believe Meghan Markle… How Is That A Thing All Of A Sudden?

When you’re one of the most talked about women in the world, you gain a reputation and usually not in a good way. Meghan Markle has the standpoint of accusing those who don’t believe her of being racist if they don’t believe her claims…

The world must be racist if they don’t believe Meghan Markle’s claims in her and Prince Harry’s interview with Oprah Winfrey. That’s what the Sugars are screaming from the rooftops. Talk about woke warriors who have nothing better to do with their time than to silence people, regardless of any form of skin colour, who don’t believe a woman with a god complex. In her eyes, she is the one in the right and should be the supreme leader of the world. Here’s the thing, though. She should trade in her bid to be President of the United States and the reason for this is quite simple. Her standpoint is warped and she lies. She is no better than Donald Trump who did nothing but fire people who did not agree with his views. Yeah, we went there.

Meghan is just like that but on a less extreme scale. She would still fire people, but she cannot take criticism which is what politics is about. There is no way she would last in an hour debate. She would be throwing a massive tantrum when she doesn’t get what she wants. She might be getting support from many Americans, but a lot of them haven’t heard the other side of the story. We’ve seen plenty of folks from the US saying they don’t care about the Sussexes at all.

There’s a YouTuber we like called PDina and she’s a black American woman who cannot stand Meghan. She loved Princess Diana because of how real and humble she was. Markle, on the other hand, is not that at all no matter how hard she tries to emulate that.

The Piers Morgan Situation

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The reason we’re writing this post is because Piers Morgan has recently opened fire in his first interview since he quit Good Morning Britain after the Oprah tell-all went to air in early March, as per the Daily Mail. We haven’t had a chance to watch the chat with Tucker Carlson yet but from what we’ve read so far, he makes some good points.

Now, we want to make something very clear. We are not Piers Morgan fans like at all. He has a massive grudge against Meghan and it shows. We all know she ghosted him after she met Harry and that’s why he has an axe to grind. However, people are trying to silence him when he’s actually been right the entire time. Now, not to state the obvious, but like everyone else who saw the interview with Oprah, we’ve been debunking a lot of things.

Piers makes the claim that 17 allegations are either untrue or exaggerated on a huge scale. We’ve been saying a lot of this for the like the last one or two years. One of those was when Meghan claimed to not know much about her husband’s family when she mentioned Charles and Catherine on The Tig. Since the Oprah ‘tell-all’ almost all of the Sussexes claims have been debunked as not being the full truth.

After he left Good Morning Britain, Piers wrote a piece in the Daily Mail detailing what happened the morning he stormed off set which ultimately saw him be forced to quit his job. What disgusts us is that all of Meghan’s woke followers want him and everyone else who don’t believe her claims to remain silent. Here’s the thing. We won’t be bullied nor will we be told to keep our mouths shut.

Since When Has Meghan Ever Been Silenced? – Part One

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Meghan has never been silenced despite her claims. She was given her pick of patronages, got the chance to attend events Catherine had to work towards. The list goes on for miles. Then, she has the nerve to complain about not being okay when she clearly couldn’t take the heat of being a royal wife. In her mind, she believes that because she wasn’t allowed to do something that had to do with her race. It doesn’t. She just doesn’t like being told ‘no’.

She is even alleged to have written a speech for her own wedding reception. This is not normally something a royal bride would do. She did it, though. How is that being silenced? She was given so much more than Catherine ever was. Why was this? According to rumours, the palace had to give her all those opportunities because she would complain if she didn’t and that would piss Prince Harry off that his beloved Meghan didn’t get everything she wants.

A while ago, we wrote a piece about how Meghan was overheard asking why she didn’t have a voice during an engagement with Harry, William, and Catherine. If this is indeed true, then this was just the beginning of what was to come. Depending on what this event was, she was likely only supposed to sit in and listen. At the time, she was only a newbie to the royal game. Just because she was not invited to speak, doesn’t mean she was silenced.

Let’s look at an everyday person starting a new job where they have little training. Do you throw them into the deep end or do you have them sit in and watch so they learn the ropes from someone who knows what they’re doing?

When Has Meghan Ever Been Silenced? – Part Two

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To continue on from the previous part of our standpoint, Meghan was still learning the ropes. She can claim racism all she likes but she didn’t just show up on the set of Suits and get the role of Rachel Zane, did she? She had to be taught to act so she could attend auditions. Though, we all know her ex-husband, Trevor got her the role. Anyway, we’re not here to judge her. We are just calling the situation out for what it is; a smear campaign to get people to agree with her claims, according to

Oh, wait… where did THAT phrase come from? Right, Meghan’s statement about the bullying she conducted upon female staff at Kensington Palace. We’ve spoken about before how Markle appears to be able to speak out about the claims made against her but her alleged victims have not been allowed to and were silenced.

The reason Meghan is saying that those who don’t agree with her are racist is because she’s trapped. She has been cornered and knows there’s evidence against her. That’s the reason she hasn’t sued The Times newspaper for printing the bullying claims. She knows that she’s been caught out and is attempting to do damage control where possible. Only, it’s not working in her favour. Officials such as the Archbishop of Canterbury have come out to disprove what she has claimed.

Shame on Oprah for not checking everything first. Because she is friends with the Sussexes, she believes everything they say and makes everything appear worse than it is. Usually, she’s unbias.

If Meghan Claims To Be A Woman Of Colour, Then Why She Is Calling All People Who Don’t Agree With Her Racist? Where Is Her Proof?

compulsive liar
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So, Meghan is telling the world to be kind to each other when she is allowed to be cruel and get away with it. Okay… well, why she is calling people who don’t agree with her ‘racist’ including the people who are of colour? Because she doesn’t like to be wrong. She wants the universe to worship her as a hero who saved them. She is a smart woman. There is no way she was naive to what she was getting herself into when she married Harry. She knows those who can see through her are onto her.

She believes that she speaks for all people of colour. That’s not what a lot of people of colour have said. They have their own voices, though that’s not what Meghan thinks. She thinks they need her like she’s Mother Theresa on a mission to save the world from white privilege. There’s the major thing here. Meghan is not black but she isn’t white either. She is both. Why can’t she embrace both sides of her heritage? She doesn’t like the idea of associating with her dad who was only trying to help her.

That’s another thing. Why hasn’t Meghan come out to slam her dad for being racist? What Thomas did wasn’t right in running to the press but his daughter does the same thing.

Finally, where is Meghan’s proof that everyone who doesn’t agree with her is racist? Her standpoint on this issue is redundant. She does not have a foot to stand on.

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