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Chronicles Of Harkle: Why Hide The Children When The Cambridge Children Are More Important? It’s Obvious That The 40×40 Initiative Video Was Staged


So, I’ve been doing some thinking about two things. The first is why are Harry and Meghan hiding their children? Topic number two is there’s a detail that I think people seem to have missed in the 40×40 Initiative video that makes it evident that the whole thing was staged. Now, I think I covered the whole hiding of the kids before. Except, I can’t find just one I did as it was in minor detail in so many of them. Anyway, what exactly are the Sussexes getting at when it comes to their money-making schemes? They don’t seem to grasp the idea that they actually have to work to keep the cash flowing.

Also, people are growing tired of their lies. The more they throw barbs at the royal family and the more lies they tell, the less the public wants to associate with them. However, there are those who will side with them. Look at the friends who have done on national television (in America) to say that Meghan and Have have ‘receipts of the abuse’ they have supposedly gotten from the BRF. If they did have evidence, why have they not produced anything yet? A 30-page dossier will be a one-sided bias written to make them look like victims. Everything they present will be twisted to their truth.

Going to the whole reason I’m doing this post, I think it’s strange that they talk about having children but we don’t see them. I understand that they want to keep Archie and Lili’s privacy intact, but they’re not celebrities. They’re royals. I also wanted to go over a detail I noticed that I think proves the 40×40 thing Meghan is doing is a total fake. Staged as a massive PR stunt.

Not Celebrities

Okay, so I have no issues with celebrities keeping their children away from the spotlight. The kids of said celebrities didn’t ask to be born to famous relatives. I suspect this was what Golden Age Hollywood actor Gregory Peck wanted for his grandchildren. According to his grandson, Ethan, he had no idea his grandfather was an actor as he was growing up. He was simply ‘grandpa’.

Celebrities put photos of their children up all the time on Instagram but have their faces covered by emojis or blurred out. I know Bitsie Tulloch does it with her daughter. At least we know her child exists. However, with the Sussexes, they believe they’re celebrities when they’re nothing more than grifters who only want money to fund their million, no wait… billionaire-to-be lifestyle.

Meghan wasn’t much of an actor, which is why she was never cast in anything huge. Most people didn’t know who she was. Very few people watched about Suits because it was on a cable network and not many people knew about her lifestyle blog, The Tig.

Harry, meanwhile, only has his title as a prince to go off. He is also the youngest son of one of the most photographed women in the 80s and 90s; Princess Diana. Not to mention, he is not the sharpest tool in the shed. He had to have his teachers at Eton College cheat for him so he could get into the Sandhurst Military Academy.

Being royalty is very different from being a celebrity. Though, the Sussexes believe they can be both when it doesn’t actually work that way. They slam the royals but still carry foreign titles. They commercialise off these because they have nothing else to offer the big CEOs.

Where Are Archie And Lili?

Now, what I talk about next with the Sussex kids, I don’t personally believe. This is just what other people say online. So, do I believe they exist? I believe Archie exists. Why would Prince Charles pose with Harry and a grandchild which is not his in a christening photo? However, there have been claims that Archie is not actually Harry and Meghan’s child. There is a journalist in the US with a son who looks remarkably like ‘Archie’ and the Sussexes are friends with her. Also, most of the photos we have of ‘Archie’, are almost never of his face. There’s always been an eye, a hand, a foot, or from a distance. Then, the latest one we’ve gotten is of his back.

Lili is a totally different matter. There is not one photo of her released. Also, there is evidence pointing to there being no ‘Lilibeth Diana Mountbatten-Windsor’ being born in Santa Barbara. There is, however, a Diana Mary Mountbatten-Windsor’ that was born in Los Angeles on the same date ‘Lilibet’ was supposed to be. I wrote about this a while back in greater detail.

Now, if Lili isn’t real, then why would Harry and Meghan cover this up? Also, the ‘birth certificate’ that was released is fake. The reason I say it is a staged document is that in America, you cannot use a title as a first or last name. However, after a thorough search, I cannot find the information to support this. Though I did find on the ABA (American Bar Association) website that the parents of a child have to list their names.

[Credit: Daily Mail]

Above you can see the ‘staged’ birth certificate. You’ll notice as well, that Meghan and Harry have changed the way their names are presented. On Archie’s birth certificate Meghan was listed with her title. However, on Lili’s she isn’t. With Harry, his name and title were listed on his son’s. On his daughter’s, only his title is listed. Also, Meghan’s name was removed from Archie’s.

The Cambridge Children Aren’t Hidden And Are More Important Than Their Sussex Cousins

The world loves Prince William and Catherine because they’ve included their children in their work when necessary. They also provide regular updates in exchange for keeping the press at bay. Also, it has become a tradition that the Duchess of Cambridge takes personal photos and she and William release their favourites on the children’s birthdays or at Christmas time.

This is fair and not to mention, nothing is ever staged with the Cambridges. All of the photos Catherine takes are very authentic and in the moment. In fact, professional photographers have praised her as per the Express. George, Charlotte, and Louis are more important to the monarchy than Archie and Lili so why are the Sussex kids hidden away?

Harry and Meghan are paranoid. I wrote a while ago about why they need so much security. In my eyes, Harry is paranoid about privacy for his children because he doesn’t want them being ‘killed’ by the press the way he thinks his mother was. Also, I have no doubt that Markle has been breathing down his neck that she could die like his mum and if he doesn’t do what she tells him to do, she’ll divorce him and take the kids with her.

Staged 40×40 Video

[Credit: Harper’ Bazaar]

Finally, we reach the end of this post with my view on a certain aspect of Meghan’s 40×40 video. Look at the image of Meghan above. Behind her on the right side of the frame, you’ll see what looks like a set of legs. I think this is a tripod for a light. Now, it’s an odd place to place it. Also, it’s not like the room needs lighting. There’s a ton of natural light filtering through the windows. It may even be a camera tripod but it’s more than likely for a light. It might even be a prop light that Meghan can merch, but if it were a prop, then we would’ve seen the whole thing. Not just some of it.

Also, it’s also very unprofessional for the people in charge of filming the video to leave the tripod in plain sight. From the perspective of someone who has been on a filming location, stuff-ups happen. I get it. But Meghan grew up on television sets with her dad who was a lighting director.

Whether this was intentional is anyone’s guess.

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