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Super of the Week: Squirrel Girl

Squirrel Girl

She’s got a squirrel as a best friend and she’s full of life! Yep, we’re talking about the unbeatable Squirrel Girl!

She’s one of the many Marvel heroines who have not yet made it to the big screen. Squirrel Girl is a massively popular character who should fit in with the likes of Spider-Man and Shuri within the younger members of the Avengers lineup. In this week’s Super of the Week, we’re going to explore who this teenager with a love of squirrels really is.

If there’s one thing we love about Doreen, it’s her energy and eagerness to do the right thing. We hope everyone reading this will agree with us and will spread the love for this amazing character. If all works out, Marvel Studios may just include her in a future project. Will we see her in the upcoming Ms Marvel series? We can only wait and see!

Background Info – Enter Squirrel Girl

Full Name: Doreen Allene Green

Nickname(s): SG (Marvel Rising only)

Alias(es): Squirrel Girl

Comic Book Franchise: Marvel Comics

Creator(s): Will Murray (writer) and Steve Ditko (artist)

First Appearance(s): Marvel Super-Heroes vol. 2 #8 (Winter 1991)


  • Great Lake Avengers
  • Avengers Idea Mechanics
  • U.S.Avengers
  • Secret Warriors (Marvel Rising only)


  • Superhuman agility, senses and strength
  • Prehensile tail
  • Razor-sharp claws
  • Retractable knuckle spikes
  • Ability to communicate with squrriels


  • Dorian Green (father)
  • Maureen Green (mother)


  • Kamala Khan/Ms Marvel (Marvel Rising best friend)
  • Tippy-Toe
  • Monkey Joe
  • Danielle Cage
  • Luke Cage
  • Jessica Jones 


  • Secret Warriors
  • U.S.Avengers
  • Great Lake Avengers
  • Avengers Idea Mechanics


Squirrel Girl was born to Dorian and Maureen Green as Doreen Allene Green in Canda. At the age of 10, the discovered her uncanny ability to speak to squirrels.

Doreen’s parents took their daughter to a doctor to find out why she has her squirrel abilities. The doctor examines Doreen is not a mutant. At one point, she captures Iron Man in a forest, hoping that he’ll take her on as a sidekick. Her attempts to become a sidekick fail but he tells her he’ll keep her in mind for the Avengers roster for when she’s older.

After the death of Monkey Joe, Doreen adopts a female squirrel she names Tippy-Toe. When Luke Cage and his wife Jessica Jones need a baby-sitter for their daughter, Danielle, Squirrel Girl is the first person they call for help.  However, Doreen learns that Danielle has spider powers.


  • Fantastic Four: World’s Greatest Heroes
  • Ultimate Spider-Man


  • Marvel Rising franchise


Despite having never officially been a live-action character, Squirrel Girl was to appear in Marvel’s New Warriors. The series was to have the character be played by Milena Vayntrub. The actress would later voice the character in the Marvel Rising franchise.


  • Rebecca Shoichet – Fantastic Four: World’s Greatest Heroes
  • Misty Lee – Ultimate Spider-Man
  • Milena Vayntrub – Marvel Rising franchise


According to Brian Michael Bendis, Squirrel Girl is a popular character amongst the writers. Meanwhile, the character’s co-creator Will Murray, wanted to do another project with the character. Squirrel Girl landed herself on UGO Networks’ list of Women We’re Ashamed to be Attracted To. Despite being branded a D-list super heroine, they loved her anyway. We get that, but we love her three thousand!

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