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The Bold And Beautiful: That Spooky Mannequin Is Enough To Make Our Skin Crawl


That mannequin is spooky and it is talking to Thomas…

It’s a good thing it’s almost Halloween because Thomas is currently dealing with that spooky mannequin clone of Hope. To make it even worse, it’s talking to him. How, this is possible? We’re not entirely sure, but we’re willing to give our theories on the subject.

Now, we covered mannequin watch yesterday, but never in a million years did we expect it to ‘talk’ to Thomas. This is basically theory gold!

Confirmation That It’s A Mannequin

Thomas confirmed that the Hope-look-a-like is in fact, a Hope for the Future mannequin that he allegedly ‘stole’. While it is unclear how he ended up with it, we reckon that he got his mitts on it when he was obsessed with Brooke’s daughter.

What adds the spooky element to this whole situation is how it has Hope’s eyes and her lips Let’s not forget the hair, shall we? It is also wearing an outfit that we cannot really see Hope wearing, but whatever.

Why Is The Mannequin Talking?

We were reading about the episode before we watched it and thought it was spooky to have the mannequin talking back to Thomas like it was alive. At first, it seemed like it was one of those talking android dolls that double as sex toys. However, that does not appear to be the case.

So, why is the spooky mannequin ‘talking’ to Thomas? A lot of people have theorised over the course of a while he might a brain tumor. This may explain why he’s been acting obsessive towards Hope and trying to keep her away from Liam and Beth.

He’s also had a few therapy sessions with presumably his mother, but this doesn’t mean that he is 100% better. Quite the opposite. We have see how much he has changed, sure but this spooky encounter with the mannequin makes us see that there is something massive going on here. What it is anyone’s guess. Hopefully we’ll have an answer soon.

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