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Home And Away: Jasmine’s Behaviour Spirals Out Of Control Which Leads Her To Assaulting Colby And ‘Calling Out’ Tori In Public


Jasmine’s spiralling and erratic behaviour is going to spike in upcoming episodes and it leads to her assaulting Colby and a very public shaming of Tori’s parenting methods!

Upcoming episodes of Home and Away are about to get juicy as Jasmine’s spiralling obsession with stepdaughter Grace continues to grow. In recent weeks, we’ve seen her try to undermine the baby’s mother, Tori by trying to file a police report on the doctor after she left her daughter in the car when it was hijacked by Nikau. She’s even been spreading lies on a parenting forum and posing as the little girl’s mum.

Jasmine hasn’t been coping since she lost her husband Robbo and discovered she’d suffered a phantom pregnancy. Willow has been increasingly concerned for her BFF’s welfare and even found the posts she’s been writing about Tori. Well, things are going to be even hairier in the next few episodes.

Promo Reveals Irene’s Concerns And Tori Hits Back!

In a promo for the continuation of the ‘Jasmine obsession’ storyline, we see Irene either see or find the bag of Grace’s things her housemate has been keeping to fuel her fixation. We also see the nurse in a tears with makeup running down her face as she repeats that the whole Bay has turned against her.

We also see Tori revealing that she knows what Jasmine has been doing and that she wants her to stay away from her daughter. Woo Tori! In an article by Digital Spy, it’s mentioned that there’s going to be a very heated exchange.

This fight results in Colby being assaulted and Jasmine very publicly shames Tori for ‘being a bad parent’. If this wasn’t enough, it might be the push the doc needs to pull the plug on her once close friendship with her colleague.

The Situation Is About To Get Messy

We’ve also mentioned that there was a promo where Tori sees the posters for the mums and bub yoga classes at the gym. She then questions why Jasmine is front and centre with Grace and not her. The nurse responds that she didn’t actually ask the doc to pose with the baby.

The situation is already tense, but when Jasmine explodes at Tori in public, it’s Justin who has to jump in. He is understandably horrified by the nurse’s accusations against his sister. It’s here that Willow reveals to the Morgans what she saw on the parenting forum and it leaves them shaken.

Since Colby is a cop, Tori goes to him for advice. However, at the same time he is also close to Jasmine which puts him in the middle of the conflict. He already told his late housemate’s widow that Grace being left in the car for a moment wasn’t an offence. However, she didn’t like the answer she got.

We wanna know if that means Jasmine could be charged with assaulting a police officer when this happens. It would be assault either way, but Colby isn’t in uniform when he’s attacked. It’s unlikely he’d press charges anyway.

Jasmine’s Perspective

In Jasmine’s eyes and given her frame of mind, she thinks she is in the right. Her spiralling behaviour is only going to cause her become more erratic. To her, leaving a baby in a car for even a few seconds is neglect. She even doesn’t like the way Justin has been getting in her way of seeing her stepdaughter. Also, her excuse is always the same: “This is what Robbo would want me to do.”

Then, there’s the lie she told Marilyn about Tori wanting Grace to be with [Jasmine] because Tane had stayed at the Palmer house overnight and had since left. This was just the nurse’s unstable mind saying that Robbo wouldn’t want his daughter to be around a stranger.

The spiralling is likely to cause an even bigger outburst than what we think. Also, the whole Bay knows how much Tori wanted to be a mother. If Jasmine thinks that everyone else is going to side with her, she’s got another thing coming. That’s where we think she’s going to have a mental breakdown. While it would be satisfying to see her carted off – yes, we know it’s not a nice thing to say – she needs desperate help.

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