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#SpidermanSaved: The MCU Welcomes Back Web-Slinging Superhero


It’s been a tough couple of months for Marvel Studios. Sony pulled the plug on their Spiderman deal and the hero’s future in the MCU was uncertain. Well, in just the last week fans have been able to post #SpidermanSaved on social media!

The MCU has been on top of the box office this year with three successful movies: Captain Marvel, Avengers: Endgame, and Spider-Man: Far From Home. But fans fell into shock by the news their favourite web-slinging teenager got cut from the billion dollar franchise he’s called home. #SpidermanSaved is official!

Reports from Radio Times claim a dispute between Marvel Studios and Sony broke down when they began re-negotiating the terms of their agreement to have Spider-Man in the larger universe. Rumours claim the Disney-owned property wanted a 50/50 outcome, which their counterpart refused.


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Media outlets have reported different versions of the deal. Some say there’s two solo movies while others say there’ll be one with a non-Spidey adventure.

Holland stated he would love to appear in a Tom Hardy Venom film. It is unlikely he’ll pop up in the sequel to the 2018 movie as it’s already in principle photography with Andy Serkis (Black Panther’s Ulysses Klaue) in the director’s chair. Though, a cameo might set up a future confrontation.

Will Venom Cross Over?

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Now that we’ve covered #SpidermanSaved, we discuss the Venom side. With the MCU’s Spider-Man potentially joining the Sony Cinematic Universe, does this mean that the Symbiote will enter the MCU?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, there is no information to clarify either way. Despite having the rights to use the and red suited hero and his enemies, Marvel Studios may leave the symbiote and his pals for Sony’s universe rather try to bring them in. It should also be noted Disney doesn’t enjoy their franchises crossing over with the ones they don’t own.

What We Know About The Untitled Third Outing

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There’s not much information we can share about the upcoming film. Here’s what we know:

  • Holland returns as Peter Parker/Spider-Man
  • Jon Watts will come back to direct.
  • The movie’s release is set for July 2021 during Phase 4.

While this is the only information available, it’s suspected that the story will focus on Peter learning to cope with the public knowing who he is after being outed in the mid-credit scene of Far From Home. We may even learn who bought the Avengers Towers after it was sold in Homecoming. Enthusiasts developed a couple of theories.

The first idea is the former faculty will be converted into the iconic Baxter Building, the home Marvel’s first family, the Fantastic Four as it too was in New York.

The second theory is Avengers Tower became Oscorp, which is the company owned by Norman Osborn/Green Goblin.

Characters and Theorised Plot

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Since #SpidermanSaved is a huge move. Hardcore followers have theorised who should show up in the third film.

Our first candidate is Jennifer Waters/She-Hulk. Before the announcement that Hulk’s lawyer cousin will join him in the MCU with her own show on Disney+, this might’ve seemed outlandish. But we’ve learned to accept these things.

Syfy Wire published a list of five villains. Examples include Kingpin, Kraven the Hunter, Chameleon, Black Cat and Mr. Negative.

We’ve been teased with Kraven, and Chameleon before. A man named Dimitri appeared in Far From Home as a secret ally of Mysterio. In the mid-credit scene of Homecoming, we saw Scorpion talking to Adrian Toomes’s Vulture in prison. There was also a mention of other villains who would love to take out Peter.

Characters We Want To Return

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There’s no doubt much of the cast will return for the third movie. Spider-Man wouldn’t be who he is without the assistance of his friends. So,who do we want to come back?

  • MJ – Far From Home had Peter and MJ finally admit their feelings to each other so we would love to see their relationship develop further in the next film.
  • Ned – Every hero needs a best friend. Hawkeye had Black Widow, Iron Man had Happy and Rhodey, Black Panther has M’Baku, Captain America had Bucky and Sam and the list goes on. Spidey has Ned.
  • May – Peter isn’t complete without his Aunt May. It would be great to have her come back and help her nephew in dealing with having his identity made public.
  • Flash –  Sure, Flash is up himself, but he’s still a classmate to Peter. That puts him as an equal, even if he doesn’t know who ‘Penis Parker’ is when he’s not at school.


There is so much we want to see from Spider-Man now that he’s home. Whatever happens from now on, we’re just happy to have our friendly neighbourhood spoiler grenade. Sorry, we mean Spidey. We love Tom Holland and we’re glad that #SpidermanSaved happened and we’re thrilled to have Stark’s protégé return to the MCU.

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