Oprah Interview: Could Prince Harry Come To Regret His Decision To Speak Out? Penny Juror Thinks So


Prince Harry will regret his decision to ‘speak’ out about his ‘horrible’ life, says royal biography, Penny Juror…

It has been almost 25 years since Princess Diana spoke with Martin Bashir about her failing marriage, her husband’s affair with Camilla Parker-Bowes and of course her now infamous line, “There were three in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded.” Now, her son, Prince Harry will speak with Oprah Winfrey with his former actress wife, Meghan about their ‘horrible’ experiences within the royal family and why they left. However, royal biographer, Penny Juror believe the blue blood will live to regret his decision.

In an article she wrote for the Daily Mail, the author says in her opinion that while Harry will be proud of the interview he and Meghan did with Oprah now, he will come to regret it just like his mother did all those years ago. We agree with her. It is his decision (or rather his wife’s) to speak to Oprah. If we had a time machine and went forward in time see to see how the prince will cope, we would have to say, not very well.

All Meghan is trying to do is continue Diana’s story. The head tilts, the makeup and wardrobe choices are just her way of keeping him trapped as if she is the Princess of Wales reincarnated. Anyhow, Juror believes that the choice to speak out against the monarchy will be damaging for Harry.

The reasons for this is quite simple. While the Americans will be watching will have zero idea of how the monarchy works and just cheering Meghan on for ‘speaking her truth’, the Brits on the other side of the pond will be sombre as their prince has turned his back on them.

Meghan Has No Respect Or Affection For In-Laws

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Penny Juror also says in her article that while the duchess will likely have zilch respect for the family who treated her like of their own, Harry once upon a time, did. He adored his family and he had close ties to most of them, especially his elder nephew and niece, his cousins Eugenie and Zara and his cousin-in-law, Mike Tindall.

The interview will also have Meghan speak about ‘racism’ in the UK – here we go again and will allow her to spread her own mistruths about her in-laws. Talk about the ultimate revenge because she didn’t get what she wanted.

Juror also makes a good point when she says that all Harry will play is a supporting role to his wife. This is of no sane person’s surprise. The interview was always going to be her way of selling out the institution and turning the world against them. Sure, there she has her supporters, but the UK LOVE and ADORE their Queen. They will stand by her.

What Meghan doesn’t get is that all she would never become Queen Meghan. When she didn’t get what she wanted, she thought that she could tear down everything Her Majesty has built up over her long reign. Markle is one person who is an outsider who had no desire to follow the rules.

She claims to have been muzzled by the Firm. No, she wasn’t. She was spending money like it was going out of fashion. A million pound/dollar maternity wardrobe and the NDAs to silence staff she was bullying. She got everything she could’ve asked for and yet, it was never enough.

The Path Is Clear, Strip Them Of Their Titles

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When this interview airs, The Queen should strip them of the Sussex Dukedom. We can just imagine how well that’s going to go down with Meghan. She’ll probably scream and say she’s no one without her moniker. Sorry, but you deserve it. You treat your staff and the royal family like trash so this is what you get.

Harry will likely blow up too as it would be robbing his beloved duchess of her ‘identity’. Please spare us! She only became ‘The Duchess of Sussex’ because she married a prince who got given the title from his GRANDMOTHER who is THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND as a wedding gift!

Sorry, but we’re just going to go and vomit in the toilet. Harry can regret everything, but the damage was made the second he decided to speak to Oprah at Meghan’s insistence.

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