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The Bold And The Beautiful: Sorry, Not Sorry – Zoe Can’t Get It Through Her Head Zende Doesn’t Want Her While Hope Reacts To Liam Cheating On Her


We’re sorry, but Zoe is just being selfish and Hope had every right to freak out when Lim told her he slept with Steffy…

Zoe is getting on our last nerve. She is not at all sorry for wanting two men when she can only have one. It’s pissing us off that she wants Zende but she’s engaged to Carter. Or she could want both. Who freaking knows what goes through that girl’s brain but she’s being selfish as we’ve addressed before. What makes this appalling is the very idea that she doesn’t want Paris to have the guy she is secretly pining over.

If she really wanted Zende, she shouldn’t have agreed to wear Carter’s engagement ring. She doesn’t show any form of remorse for wanting her sister, who clearly idolises her out of the picture. This has nothing to do with a job offer and it shows. The COO and the fashion designer might take her at her word, but the audience can see it clear as day.

The other thing we’re here to discuss is Liam dragging out that he slept with Steffy. He can say he’s sorry all he wants, but it doesn’t change the fact that his ex-wife’s baby could be his. Hope’s reaction at the end is justified. If we found out our husband cheated on us with his ex-wife we’d scream too. However, there no denying from us the audience that he was going to jump back into his former spouse’s bed again.

All it takes is one ‘betrayal’ and Liam is back in Steffy’s arms again telling her he has never stopped loving her and wants her back. This is exactly what Thomas cautioned Finn of. As much as we cannot stand Tommy Boy, he was right.

Hope’s Anger

beth's father; sorry
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As we’ve said, Hope’s anger at her husband revealing he slept with his ex-wife is totally justified. For all those Steffy stans saying her stepsister deserves to lose Liam and that’s she a whore and a slut, how is she any of these things? Why does she deserve to be cheated on? She hasn’t done anything. She doesn’t go around sleeping with men because she thinks it’s her right to. Yes, she is Brooke’s daughter but she is the polar opposite to her mother.

Hope doesn’t have an agenda the way Steffy does. If anything, it should be Ridge’s daughter who is seen as the slut and the whore. She has always envied her stepsister because she got the life she earned, she however has to scheme her way to survival.

For so long, Hope has had to watch as Steffy has taken all of her boyfriends from her and has had to stand on the sidelines while her stepsister and Liam play happy families. She took her life back after being told Beth had been stolen and hadn’t died like Reese had told her.

Being angry at Liam and Steffy for sleeping together might be a blessing in disguise. Just hear us out, Hope will be able to see that they haven’t changed and that she will always be seen as second best in her husband’s mind. Yes, he shares Kelly with his ex-wife but his heart will always be with the first mother of his eldest child.

The Buckingham Dilemma

Paris; sorry
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Zoe is not at all sorry for wanting her sister out of the way. She’s playing Zende and Carter and is basically pulling a Liam who could be the father of Steffy’s baby. Back to the Buckingham situation, this is going to get messy.

Hopefully, Paris stands her ground and tells her sister that she’s going stay and take the job. Carter, Ridge, and Zende were all rooting for her. Zoe also doesn’t like it when the spotlight is stolen from her.

Let’s say for example, that Steffy got up on the runway or Hope even. How would Zoe feel about them one of them being lead model? Not very good, we’re willing to bet. She thrives from having everyone’s attention on her.

With Zende’s attention on her sister, she doesn’t like he’s not paying attention to her. He knows she’s with Carter and doesn’t want to ruin that. This is the whole reason he shifted gears to Paris. He’s really invested in her which is what Zoe doesn’t like. She’s hiding her animosity behind the excuse she doesn’t want her sibling working at the same company as her.

Sure, a lot of her fellow employees will buy into what she’s saying, but we the audience know the truth. She’s thirsty for Zende and doesn’t want Paris to have him.

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