English Actress Sophie Winkleman Talks About Her Experiences As A Royal Wife


There’s more than one actress in the British royal family. Sophie Winkleman who is a well-known actress is married to Lord Frederick Windsor has spoken out about her own experiences within The Firm.

Meghan Markle might think she’s special because she’s an actress who married into the British royal family, but truth of the matter is, she’s not. In fact, there’s another woman who has been where she has been. Meet Sophie Winkleman, the wife of Her Majesty’s cousin, Prince Michael of Kent’s son, Lord Frederick Windsor.

Winkleman is an actress just like Meghan but is still working whereas Markle is not, given her status as Prince Harry’s wife. According to 9Honey, Sophie, who is also referred to as Lady Frederick Windsor has said that she has not had ‘a single negative experience’. She has praised her in-laws, Prince Michael and Princess Michael of Kent as well as Prince Charles for welcoming her with ‘open arms’.

Sophie’s comments about being welcomed into the royal family mirror what about the Countess of Wessex has said per

The Differences Between Winkleman And Markle

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There is a massive difference – well, a few actually – between Meghan and Sophie. Winkleman is English while Markle is American which shouldn’t matter, right? It doesn’t really. Being a royal wife does not mean you get a title and live in a castle with people to do all the work.

Winkleman understands the principles of hard work. After all, she worked hard to appear in movies like The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and Wardrobe and the television series, Two and a Half Men. Meghan, meanwhile, got sloppy towards the end of her career. Unlike Sophie, Markle was not as well-known.

Being the wife of Lord Frederick Windsor, Sophie still able to keep working as an actress. She, her husband, and in-laws are firstly, not working royals. Secondly, Prince Michael’s son is 49th in the line of succession, meaning there is zero chance of him ever becoming king. The further down the pecking order you are, the more free you are to do your own thing.

Meghan doesn’t want to understand that. Harry is sixth in line for the throne. He might not be in total reach of the throne, but he’s pretty close. She thinks that attempting to change the monarchy to her own liking will make it less stuffy. When all that backfired, she and Harry wanted out of the ‘toxic’ royal family. Also, she was forced to give up her acting career whereas Sophie did not.

Further Explanation Into Why Meghan Gave Up Her Acting Career And Sophie Did Not

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Meghan was allegedly told to shut down her blog, The Tig prior to her and Harry’s engagement. She also gave up her acting career to be a working royal. If the biography, Finding Freedom is correct, Markle said, “I gave up my life for this family” then she’s even more selfish than originally thought.

She should have gone to someone who had been in her position. One person she could’ve gone to is Sophie who has more experience with the family. Sure, they don’t know each other very well, but they would’ve been able to bond over their careers.

Meghan is ambitious and wants to be the centre of attention when even the event is not about her and she is just meant to be spectator. Look at the alleged mess she created for herself when she and Harry were kicked out of a garden party a few days after the wedding that was being hosted for Prince Charles.

For Markle, she wants power but is told she can’t have everything she wants. She will take down anyone who does not agree with her views. The world does not revolve around her. She thinks that she is the greatest thing to happen to the royal family but when she is told ‘no’ she calls them ‘toxic’.

Sophie, meanwhile, doesn’t need to prove that she can be a royal wife. Winkleman is not someone who comes off as a liar. She’s a lot like the Countess of Wessex in that respect. Also, her family is not shaping the future of the monarchy.

Meghan, however, is drunk on fame. With her having to give up her acting career, there is a reason. At the time, she would be working for the Queen as the wife of Prince Harry.

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