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The Social Media Influencer Cult Following Some People Have Is Seriously Twisted!

social media influencer cult

There is such thing as a social media influencer cult and there are people out there who will defend their idol’s every move and it’s simply annoying…

Social media influencer cult. Hmm. Never thought in a million lifetimes would we be typing those exact words. Anyway, we wanted to address a trend where people who admire people that are the Jeffree Stars, Olivia Jades, and the Shane Dawsons of the world and applaud them for being downright awful individuals. They will also jump to their idol’s defence and say they’ve changed when they actually haven’t.

Normally, something like this would be written as a Babes Against Bullshit post. We wanted to write this since we have been watching a load of D’Angelo Wallace videos and wanted to give our own take on situations similar to what he talks about. His stuff is very well researched and he doesn’t take any BS from anyone. He’s even had internet personalities block him on social media for calling them out their crap. Good on him we say.

Anyway, a social media influencer cult following is something that very easily befalls these so-called ‘social media personalities’ who have a history of bad behaviour online. We listed some examples above, but there are so many others that we wanted to address in this post.

We also wanted to point out that we don’t hate the people listed. They’re just annoying to us. Also, this is our opinion only. If you like any of these individuals, you have different views to us and that’s okay.

The Top Dogs Who Don’t Like Being Pushed Off Their Pedastals

[Credit: The Verge]

One example of social media influencer cult followings would include one of the two dudes in the the image above. The guy with the pink wig is Jeffree Star whom we will be talking about.

Jeffree Star has a huge social media influencer cult following. His followers will defend every vile thing that comes out of his mouth. For those not in the know, he is a Beauty YouTuber with a fanbase of over 17 million fans.

While it took him years to build up his business and brand, it became apparent that he was about to get big competition. Who was this exactly? Well…

[Credit: Tubefilter]

Star’s competition came in the form of this kid, James Charles who has 24 million subscribers and is a follow beautytuber. Now, why would a grown man hate this guy? Well, he didn’t like that the then-teenager had more followers than him and got his name out there in only a couple of years on YouTube.

As pathetic as that sounds, it’s true. To cut an insanely long story short, Star alleges that James Charles was a sexual predator and that he had evidence. He feed the lies to the kid’s mentor, Tati Westbrook who already had a beef with her protégé because he advertised a rival vitamin brand. Stupid, we know.

Those Who Tell Lies And Shame People

[Credit: Reddit]

The very definition of toxic is Shallon Lester, a former deputy of trash mag, Star Magazine. She is the literal worst. She drags people’s names through the mud for no reason. To add more to this, she is also a predator who has sex dreams about a teenage Justin Bieber and isn’t afraid to talk about it.

Almost everything that comes out Shallon’s mouth is a total lie. She made stuff up about Portia De Rossi wanting a baby and her wife, Ellen DeGeneres not allowing her to have one. This was a lie as D’Angelo Wallace was able to find interview footage of the couple saying that neither of them wanted kids.

Shallon also made up information about Pete Davison and Ariana Grande. We do know from D’Angelo’s video on her that she despises Selena Gomez. The exact reason for why is unclear but Wallace made the point that the reason might be because she dated Justin Bieber before he married Hailey Baldwin.

Was Shallon jealous? Maybe, but honestly, who cares?

The Type Who Hate School And Brag About It

[Credit: Paper Magazine]

Olivia Jade is quite literally the definition of spoilt little rich kid. Despite her relatively small following of under two million YouTube subscribers, she has or at least had a love of talking about her hatred for school. Now for those who don’t know OJ is the youngest daughter of Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Guinnulli.

Before March of 2019, we hadn’t even heard of Olivia Jade. We didn’t even know Lori was married with kids. The reason she’s on our list is because of her involvement in the biggest college admissions scandal in America’s history.

A brief run down of the crime goes like this. Lori and Mossimo paid $500,000 to get both their daughters into the University of Southern California by making it look like they were rowers when they weren’t. However, they got caught along with other wealthy parents in the scam.

Long story short, Lori and Mossimo are now in prison serving very short prison sentences. Olivia’s YouTube career has suffered as a result. However, she hasn’t lost very many followers.

Olivia said in vlogs that she ‘doesn’t care about school’. Most of her followers are young teenage and preteen girls. Fill in the blanks. Guinnulli also claims to be a relatable person. She flaunts her wealth. Her clothing and jewellery hauls are always luxury items.

OJ’s social media influencer cult following stems down to her fans not wanting to believe that she and her sister knew what their parents did.

Trouble Just For The Hell Of It

Trisha Paytas is one of those YouTubers who causes trouble just for the sake of it. She’s friends with Shane Dawson and doesn’t seem to understand what certain things mean. For example, she claims in one video that she is transgender when she is not. She alleged she was female to male but chooses not to transition and that she is attracted to gay men and ‘is a gay man’, per Insider.

Okay… this woman has a social media influencer cult following because of her trolling videos and emotional outbursts. Why are people so dense to follow someone like her? In fact, in an interview with Insider in March 2020, she said she didn’t become a YouTube star for the money and the fame. Though, she does have a constant need for attention. Ahh… is wanting to be famous the same deal?

While we’re all for her channel starting out as a countdown for Quentin Tarantino movie, Inglorious Basterds, it didn’t stop there. She has been in more feuds than most YouTubers will be in a lifetime. She’s called out other social media influencers like the recent Charli D’Amelio drama. A fun fact to all this, she actually appeared in a video with Olivia Jade when the then-teenager criticised how ‘gross’ her hamburger was.

Why anyone could just accept what she does is simply beyond any form of comprehension.

Sprouting Lies That Get You Called Out By Famous People

[Credit: YouTube]

Grace Randolph is a one-time comic book writer who is an Entertainment YouTuber who focuses on film and television. She claims to be a journalist but she isn’t. She is a commentator which has been stated by Slcmof in a video where he reveals she blocked him.

Randolph has a social media influencer cult following of almost a million subscribers. She is a horror when it comes to ‘scoops’ and passing information off as ‘true’. One example of this come from when Birds of Prey was in production, Grace claimed she had ‘sources’ that said a cut of the movie had a sub-plot involving Roman Sionis and dick pics.

Cathy Yan, the director of the movie commented that there was no such sub-plot. However, Randolph wouldn’t back down. Her apparent source was someone ‘who had seen the script’.

This is not the first time Randolph has been called out. A couple of months back, Shawn McBee who works on the DC series, Stargirl as a graphic designer and serves as the host of the Stargirl Aftershow podcast tweeted this out:

[Credit: Stargirl Aftershow – @stargirlpod – Twitter]

Randolph claimed in a video that everyone who works on the show hates Geoff Johns. Shawn, who is a honest and trustworthy dude, said in the comments that she’d had never been on set.

To add finality to what he was saying, he posted the full version of his interview with Meg DeLacy and added this tweet:

It’s people like Grace Randolph that give journalists bad raps.

Final Thoughts

Social media influencer cult followings are often dangerous when their stans get in the way. Whether it be the Beauty community or the Entertainment community, there’s a chance at many dramas going unpunished.

We don’t approve of the idea of people simply brushing off the serious stuff by saying, “It’s who they are.” That might be the case for the big time fans, but for casual fans, it can be offensive. No wonder drama and commentary channels create so much revenue from these videos.

There shouldn’t be cancel culture, but people need to be held accountable for their lies. That is the whole reason commentary channels exist. We didn’t include drama ones because there’s not much point given they report on these things in the first place.

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