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Babes Against Bullshit: Pot Meet Kettle – Harry, Meghan, And The Greatest Lie Of All – They Haven’t Stayed Off Social Media

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Here we go… again. Harry and Meghan have announced, according to Entertainment Weekly that they are ‘quitting’ social media. *insert eye roll here* There’s what I struggle to understand. Here’s a couple who have said, “We’re not coping. Give us privacy”. But, they’ve gone out and hired private jets to head to an event where they take photos for ten minutes of them doing ‘charitable deeds’ before heading back to their Santa Barbara digs.

After all the stunts these two have pulled over the last three years, I’ve gotten to the point where everything they do pisses me off. I’m not a big follower of the royal family but I do enjoy seeing how much bigger of a hole Harry and Meghan drop themselves into. As cruel as that might sound, they have only bought on the animosity that social media brings with it themselves.

The Sussexes, if they can still call themselves that in March, are bringing the negative press on by doing things that don’t concern them. For example, they went to a preschool in LA last year on the anniversary of Princess Diana’s death and planted flowers. Now, this wouldn’t have been an issue if the parents were informed of their visit beforehand. Secondly, the kids had no idea who they were. Finally, to have a photographer taking photos without the consent of the parents is not on.

After searching Google, I came across a post from the parenting blog, Cafe Mom which had written some parents of the children weren’t happy. One mother posted the following to Twitter:

I could not even hold my daughter’s hand and take her into school last week when she started kindergarten. These two just ‘turn up and break the rules’ whenever they feel like it?

Jill Harris on Twitter

Meghan’s Great White Lie

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[Credit: People Magazine]

In one of Meghan’s word salad speeches last year, she claimed to have not used social media in years. She even claimed that people who are obsessed with it are ‘addicts’. Girl, go preach your garbage elsewhere. You endorsed a woman who who was running a Twitter account that was trashing your husband’s family. Remember them? The royals who welcomed you with open arms and gave you everything you could have ever wanted? No? Well, you have a really short memory.

Now, in the speech I mentioned, not only did people claim she plagiarised the whole thing from a Netflix doco, but something felt really off about it. That’s when I remembered. On the Sussex Royal Instagram account, there are posts that have American spelling. Here’s a series of screenshots. The Americanisms is underlined:

At the bottom of the screenshot, I’ve left in the dates of the the original posts were published. April 2019. A few weeks before the birth of Master Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. The Sussexes’ last Instagram post was published on their last day as ‘senior’ royals which was March 31 2020. I won’t post the actual post because the date doesn’t come up unless you’re on the platform. To see for yourself, check the link I provided above.

Also, there has been rumours that at one point, Meghan re-activated her private Instagram account for a short time before shutting it down again, according to Vogue Australia in December 2018. However, it is believed to have been a system error on the platform’s end or it was hacked.

Do I personally believe she operated the Sussex Royal account? Yes, I do. If a Royal PR team had been charged with the account, the content would’ve been restricted and the America spelling would not have happened.

Social Media Addiction Is Something Meghan Suffered From During Her Pre-Royal Days

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[Credit: Career Girl Daily]

Despite what she said in her speech about social media addiction, she forgot what she wrote on her former blog, The Tig. In her 2014 Year in Review post, she wrote the following:

 It was just May and I was sitting with butterflies in my stomach, coercing my finger to press the send button on twitter. It was time for me to say that this website, this passion project, this thing called The Tig, was going live. 

Meghan Markle on beginning The Tig and using Twitter to promote it

If you look at The Tig archives, many of its pages that are still active, there are links to, you guessed it, social media pages for the blog. I, unfortunately, can’t get access to those old accounts or her personal ones but I did find this two videos that was posted to Twitter in 2019 from an interview she did about her blog in 2014.

[Credit: Twitter – @MagaliDMathias]

She says she used Twitter to give out food or fashion advice prior to starting up The Tig. However, she lied during the interview when she said did all the photography on the site. There is quite literally credits all over the pages that are still available of a photographer’s name and it’s not Meghan’s.

Some of her selfies can be found when you search for them in Google.


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[Credit: Slate]

Now, aside from what she says in the interview, she could have had a change in attitude towards social media in the seven years since the blog launched. According to the publication Complex, the former senior royal got cyberbullied with the racist attacks.

First off, I wanted to bring up something I mentioned before. Meghan and Harry supported a royal family troll who supported them and donated money to one of their charities. Did they know about the trolling? Who knows but they would be stupid if they didn’t.

Secondly, Meghan makes the situation out as if she is the only person ever to be bullied online. I’ve been trolled but not to same extent. Not to mention, there has been people who have been targeted so severely that they’ve committed suicide. Look at model Charlotte Dawson as an example. She confronted a few of her trolls and after a while it got too much for her and she ended her life. Hearing this was just awful. No one should feel like their life doesn’t matter when every person in the world has a purpose.

Bullying is wrong, there’s no doubting that. But making a situation like this being about just you not about other people is not right. Yes, racist trolls did target Meghan and want to incite violence. This is not right at all. People who do this love making people feel worse about their lives when they themselves [the trolls] probably sit behind their keyboards thinking their targets will bend to their demands and no one will miss them.

Trolls are unstable bigots that have no lives of their own. To make themselves feel better, they pick on people they don’t even know. They shouldn’t use racist slurs or violent emojis to target a woman who is heavily pregnant.

Why Prince Harry Has No Right To Address Such A Serious Topic

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[Credit: Entertainment Tonight]

Harry jumps on whatever bandwagon his wife does. It’s like he hasn’t got a voice of his own. Sure, he allegedly had a secret Instagram account when they were dating but how many people actually knew about it? Very few until it was made public YEARS later.

Here is a man who wasn’t raised around social media. For years he shared the Kensington Palace accounts with brother, Prince William and sister-in-law, Catherine.

When he and Meghan got engaged, the four of them shared them until they [Markle and Harry] started up Sussex Royal. They thought it would allow them to contort the narrative to their wants. However, when the Sussex Instagram account broke records, the prince wanted nothing to do with social media, despite having little to do with it anyway, according to Grazia Daily. Pick a side man!

For someone who has very little to do with a platform he barely knows anything about, Harry shouldn’t be commenting on topics like this. It’s long been speculated that he reads the comments about himself online to see what people are saying if the fluff-graphy, Finding Freedom co-written by Omid Scobie is any indication via Marie Claire. Double standards much?

If Harry wanted to present himself and Meghan in a positive light, he would’ve stopped her from trying to pull his family down around them to make them look like the bad guys. I’m just going to say it, he married someone who vaguely resembled his mother. However, it turned out be much worse; she was trying to be Diana.

What Harry And Meghan Should Do

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[Credit: Page Six]

If Harry and Meghan want to change people’s opinions of them, they need to stop preaching their garbage. There’s only so much people can take at a time. Regardless of what they want, if they don’t use social media for Archewell, fine but don’t force the opinion onto others. Ramming an agenda down people’s throats is what turns them off.

Meghan loves throwing the ‘racism’ card out in the open, saying the reason she and Harry had ‘no choice’ in leaving the royal family is because of racist attacks. That is such shit and they know it. The reason why their approval ratings have gone down is because of their behaviour. Yes, there are people who are bigots and use Meghan’s biracial heritage against her for…. what reason?

The people who are attacking her for her race are white supremacists who hate the idea of a half-black woman in the royal family.

Now, I have no issues with Meghan’s heritage or the fact she’s been divorced. I don’t really care about any of that. It is her behaviour and Harry’s defending of it that I’m always ranting about. I think it’s great that the royal family accepted a biracial, divorced, American woman into their domain.

The reason Meghan is going after them and is having Harry follow her lead is because she was not given what she wanted. She wanted full control of everything they did. This means she wanted to control how people saw them and basically, she wanted to lead the family. Sorry, daring but that’s The Queen’s job. She’s the matriarch and you need to respect that. You didn’t. It’s your own fault.

Also, Harry and Meghan aren’t going to leave social media. People are going to comment, regardless if they have accounts.

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