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Babes Against Bullshit: The Snyder Cut Cultists And How They Think They Rule The Toxic Fandom They’ve Created

Snyder Cut Cultists

It’s fine to like a franchise when no one else does. But, when it comes to the Snyder Cut Cultists, they weasel their ways onto social media and are relentless in putting down those who don’t share their views. It is no different to the Fandom Menace, the toxic fans that criticise every little thing about the new Star Wars canon. For me personally, I don’t care about your reasons why you hate your ‘beloved’ fandom that you’ve dubbed the ‘Snyderverse’. You’re ruining it for those who just watch it for entertainment value. In all honesty, I couldn’t give a flying fuck about it.

Also just because you get a hashtag trending and several actors follow along, doesn’t mean you’re the ones responsible for getting the production up and running. You’re not producers and you didn’t splash out millions of dollars for shooting of additional scenes and resources. All you lot are a bunch of Snyder Cut Cultists who believe in something that has zero to do with you.

The only reason the Snyder Cut even got off the ground in the first place was because Warner Brothers could see that the DCEU was failing to make the same bucks the more successful Marvel Cinematic Universe is. News flash guys! The MCU has a formula that it follows to ensure it’s successful.

DC Films just throw a shitload of money at Warner Brothers and said, “Hey, Warner Bros! We want to cash into our characters the way Marvel did. Let’s beat them at the box office.” Look at how that turned out for them.

Why Marvel’s Formula Works And DC’s Doesn’t

The whole reason Marvel’s formula works is because they started with characters that weren’t A-list. Iron Man. Thor. The Guardians of the Galaxy. These weren’t your typical characters that would headline a movie.

Of all the Marvel characters, the most famous is probably The Hulk followed by Captain America. Sure, Hulk got yet another movie but it and Iron Man where it’s the starting point of the MCU. They altered the formula ever so slightly until they got it right. Once they did, they stuck to it until they got the franchise to where they wanted it.

Now, with the DCEU, Snyder might’ve started it with Man of Steel and then he was bought back for Batman v. Superman, and Justice League. I don’t have a problem with him as a director. The reason myself and other people hated BvS is because the film felt cramped.

Snyder is not god and shouldn’t be thought of as the Jon Favreau of the DCEU. He’s made three films in the franchise and they’ve all been met with mixed reviews. Yes, I’m aware he didn’t complete his vision for Justice League. You cannot help when a personal tragedy happens.

There’s a difference between Favreau’s style of directing and Snyder’s. Jon doesn’t overstuff a story into two and a half hours. Zack does. Also, Robert Downey Jr was the perfect choice for Tony Stark because he has charisma. Henry Cavill’s portrayal of Superman is stiff.

Also, the MCU is one continuous story. The DCEU is a bunch of stories that are meant to join together. Also, all the big players were introduced in three films.

The MCU took its time getting to the first Avengers team up. It took four years and five movies before it got to the first Avengers.

Snyder Doesn’t Owe His Fans Shit!

I’m not blaming or calling out Zack Snyder, so don’t worry. This has nothing to do with him. It has to do with his fans. Now, he’s not pushing his agenda, his stans are. He’s just doing his job which is to make memorable films. I am not a fan of his and I never have been but that’s just me.

I take issue with his groupies who try to push their agenda of demanding they get the Snyder Cut released. These Snyder Cut Cultists have no shame in claiming they donated suicide prevention charities when they did not.

Now, I wanted to point out here that the reason Zack Snyder was forced to give up doing reshoots on Justice League is because of the suicide death of his daughter. He encouraged people to support these charities. However, his groupies claim they donated money but, they only say this as a defence as to why they want the Snyder Cut so badly. Basically, they’re using someone’s death as a reason for demanding something they shouldn’t need.

What happened to Snyder’s daughter was terrible. He couldn’t have predicted what occurred. No parent should have to bury a child. Zack does not owe his fans anything. The whole reason he’s remastering the film is because Joss Whedon screwed his vision up big time to benefit himself.

Snyder stepped away from the film to give himself time to grieve with his family. If the Warner Brothers wasn’t so concerned about their precious release date, they would’ve delayed the movie until Zack was ready to go back to it. Also, the film would not have been almost entirely reshot by a man [Whedon] with an ego and a questionable reputation if the film was halted.

Snyder Cut Cultists Don’t Call The Shots

If there’s one thing I have learned as an Entertainment blogger/journalist it’s that stans, like the Snyder Cut Cultists are nothing but bugs on a windshield of a car. They don’t get to call the shots of whether the Snyder Cut goes ahead. The only reason the hashtag ended up trending, is because the cast got behind it given their own large followings.

I’ve followed stan culture closely over the last two years and I’ve seen a pattern that screams louder than the speakers in a cinema. These fanboys and girls love making those who don’t agree with them feel like they’re inferior and aren’t true fans.

This is disgusting behaviour. There is no right way to be a fan. You don’t have to like every piece of media. Look at me for example. I hated the Snyder films, Man of Steel, Batman v. Superman, and Justice League but I loved Aquaman, and the first Wonder Woman. I could give or take Wonder Woman 1984. There were elements I enjoyed, but there parts I did not and that’s okay.

Telling someone they’re not a fan of the DC films because they don’t care about the Justice League Snyder Cut is not on. How would you feel if someone said that to you? Sure, go ahead and say it’s the internet and everything on it is fake, but some people take everything seriously. Your words might not hurt one person but they can hurt someone else.

I’ve been trolled and it’s not a pleasant feeling. Some people have been so severely traumatised that they have committed suicide. Do you really want someone’s death on your conscience? How could you go through life knowing you made someone take their own life?

Final Thoughts

Finally, to all you Snyder Cut Cultists who might be reading this. You hide behind your keyboards and screens while going under some alias. This does not make you Snyder’s savior. This makes you no better than all the other trolls out there.

Snyder made his way through his career with the assistance from fans who think they call the shots. Think is, Zack is the filmmaker. If he wants to re-edit Justice League, then that’s his decision. The stans were not responsible for the Snyder Cut happening. It was Snyder’s decision with the backing of the studio.

Get over yourselves, Snyder Cut Cultists!

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