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The Bold And The Beautiful: The Logan Women Are Queens Of The Slap


The Logan women on The Bold and the Beautiful truly are queens of slapping. In just the last couple of months alone, we’ve seen these fierce women go up against their opponents with a firm slap. Let’s revisit some of these moments via characters rather than moments.


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In most recent episodes, Brooke has slapped two people have pushed her buttons. The first of these was her on-off stepson, Thomas. When Ridge’s son via Taylor started to go on about being in love with Hope and how desperately he wanted her to be his wife, Brooke knows he’s a threat and slaps him. It’s this slap moment that makes Brooke and Thomas official enemies

Just a behind the scenes note, Katherine Kelly Lang who plays Brooke said that Matthew Atkinson (Thomas) was a really good sport when they filmed the scene.

Another slap in recent months happened in the last couple of days. When Brooke learns from Ridge that he’d been kissing Shauna, she goes to the Forrester mansion and tells Eric what happened. Quinn listens from upstairs and when she’s heard enough, she storms down and gives Brooke a piece of her mind.

Later, the two women get into a power struggle where Brooke slaps Shauna for trying to steal her man. It get worse when Quinn steps in protect her friend and slaps Brooke to the ground after she tells Brooke because she [Quinn] is the lady of the house, she should be the matriarch of the Forrester family.

Honorable mentions include:

  • Stephanie in 2002
  • Amber in 2005
  • Ashley Abbott in 2007
  • Taylor in 2008, 2010 and 2012
  • Katie in 2013
  • Ridge in 2013
  • Bill in 2013


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She might be a gentle soul but you do not want to cross Brooke’s daughter, Hope. While she isn’t known to be violent like her mother, Hope has issued the odd slap.

The most recent incident is when she slaps her newly discovered cousin Flo for the part she played in keeping the lie surrounding her daughter Beth going. When Flo goes to the cabin to apologise for the role she played, Hope lets fly and calls her her Uncle Storm’s bastard before she slaps her.

We heard down the grapevine that when the scene was shot, Annika Noelle who plays Hope slapped Katrina Bowden (Flo) in the heat of the moment and didn’t mean to do it. it was so good that they kept it in the episode.

Honorable moments include:

  • Oliver in 2010
  • Steffy 2012


As the youngest Logan sister, Katie has had her own set battles with her health. But Katie, unlike her oldest sister and niece, has only ever slapped Brooke. In fact, her crime record is actually pretty small.

We would put Donna here too but she hasn’t slapped anyone.

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