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THEORY AND RUMOUR: If Skaar Is In She-Hulk, How Can He Possibly Be Hulk/Bruce’s Son?

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She-Hulk makes for her MCU debut sometime in 2022. While a release date is not yet public, we thought we would address a rumour that is floating around regarding the son of Hulk, Skaar. Now, we do not fully believe it as there is no foundation to support it.

For those who mightn’t know who Skaar is, let us briefly explain.

In the Marvel Comics storyline, Planet Hulk, Skaar, and his twin brother, the supervillain Hiro-Kala, are conceived during Hulk’s time on Sakaar. Their mother is Caiera.

Going over to the MCU, part of the Planet Hulk storyline was adapted into Thor: Ragnarok, which explains where Hulk/Banner ended up after Avengers: Age of Ultron. During the film, it is also explained that Hulk had been active for two years since Natasha sent him away to protect him at the end of AoU.

However, Age of Ultron bought up a plot point that seems to have been forgotten about if Skaar is bought in as Hulk’s son. Let’s dive into it, shall we?

The Relationship With Natasha Romanoff

Now, to understand where this rumour and theory is going, we need to jump back to Age of Ultron and the weird relationship between Nat and Bruce. In Avengers, there is a setup for a romantic relationship between the pair when they meet as there is an instant connection between them. Natasha is the one person who can soothe the Hulk and can get him to allow Banner to regain control.

Fast-forward to Age of Ultron, and the pair do enter a romantic relationship. Everyone is oblivious except Clint’s wife, Laura. Anyway, during their liaison, Nat suggests running away, but this is shot down by Bruce, who reveals that if they wanted a family, they can’t as he’s infertile due to his exposure to the gamma radiation that made him into the Hulk. It’s here that Romanoff reveals she too is unable to conceive because, upon graduation from the Red Room, the girls are sterilised. This is backed up in Black Widow. In the opening credits, we see a sequence of preteen girls going under the knife. This was nodded at in Hawkeye. When Yelena snaps back after five years, she learns former Black Widow, Ana, has adopted a daughter with her husband.

Ultimately, this brings us to the situation with Skaar. Nothing is confirmed, but it has not been denied either that he will appear. There hasn’t been an indication that he will show up. However, this is an MCU project. Anything is possible. Kingpin and Daredevil are classic examples of this.

Where The Skaar Rumour Originated – We Don’t Believe Scoopers

So, the Skaar rumour has existed for a while, and we cannot find where the rumour originated. However, it recently resurfaced in an MCU Direct article by Russ Milheim, which discusses Mark Ruffalo’s future in the MCU. The article claims that the actor’s future has been revealed and backed up by three different sources. One of them is a scooper. Now, that for us rings alarm bells.

Given the situations we’ve seen with Grace Randolph, we tend to take scoopers’ opinions with a huge grain of salt. Yes, some scoopers get it right, but some will exploit their connections to get views or clicks. If fans want to take their “exclusives” as fact, they’ll be disappointed when the news is false or shot down by someone on production.

Look at what happened with the crap Grace Randolph came up with when she claimed that the cast and crew of Stargirl hate working on the show with Geoff Johns. This was instantly shot down by Shawn McBee, the graphic designer on the series, who said that this wasn’t the truth. Meg DeLacy, who plays Cindy, expressed her love for working with Geoff during an episode of the podcast, Stargirl Aftershow.

Another example is how James Gunn and Cathy Yan both shot down rumours about their respective DC films.

The situation with Skaar could be an example of that. Unless it is officially backed up by someone on production, we don’t believe it. Also, we choose to see something with our eyes before we know it to be true.

Sure, we report some rumours, but we never pass them off as truth. It would only push our creditability down.

Sake Of Argument – Where Is Bruce’s Future In The MCU Headed?

So, let’s say we believed this rumour where is this theory regarding Bruce’s future heading? Well, according to the MCU Direct article linked above, Bruce and Skaar will be going on a father-son road trip at the end of She-Hulk. Ultimately, this could take them back to Sakaar. Given how there’s going to be a heap of multiversal and space stuff going on in the new few MCU projects, it makes the most sense.

Yes, the threat in the first three phases of the MCU was Thanos, who was a space alien from Titan. However, the proof of the space stuff is in the details of things that have come out after Avengers: Endgame. Let’s take a quick look at that, shall we?

  • Eternals introduced Starfox in its mid-credits scene, and he is a brother of Thanos. It also introduced the audience to the main Eternals and how they came to be.
  • S.W.O.R.D. was introduced officially in WandaVision and was teased in the mid-credit scene of Spider-Man Far From Home.
  • The Skrull Talos and his wife Soren were masquerading as Nick Fury and Maria Hill throughout Far From Home, which is revealed in the post-credit of that movie. Furthermore, this will set up Secret Invasion, and Fury being off-world was mentioned in Spider-Man No Way Home.

So, there is still extraterrestrial life looming within the main MCU despite it moving over to the potential collapse of the multiverse. So, it’s not all gone. Also, The Marvels is still about Captain Marvel, and the upcoming Ms. Marvel series, which will explore how Kamala Khan receives her powers as she will not be an Inhuman.

Finally, they will need to address how Hulk/Bruce suddenly has a son.

How Hulk/Bruce Has A Son

So, this is where the theory, or rather, mini theories come into play. We won’t go over them in detail, but here’s a small taste. PLEASE note, these are just theories.

  • The Grandmaster ordered some of Hulk’s blood or other genetic material be taken from him, and some of that material ends up being used to create a Hulk clone of some description; hence the creation of Skaar.
  • Bruce was able to reverse his infertility to some extent.
  • Only the Bruce part of the Bruce-Hulk combo is infertile and Hulk doesn’t have an issue, even though they share a body.
  • Skaar is NOT related to Bruce/Hulk at all, like in Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.

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