Could Meghan Markle Reveal Her Spat With Sister-In-Law Catherine In Oprah Interview?

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Could the alleged sister spat between Meghan and Catherine be exposed in the Oprah interview?

The world appears to live for a sister spat between sisters-in-law. The Daily Mail reports that there are fears that Meghan Markle will unearth explosive information about the rift between her, Harry, and Prince William and Catherine. If we’re honest, it could get very messy.

Sources say that there will be good things about Catherine in the interview. Ummm… yeah, right. Meghan will say something positive about Kate when hell totally freezes over.

Finding Freedom claims Meghan felt Catherine didn’t make her feel welcome. Okay, let us take a step back. There are literally photos of them together talking and laughing and a quote from the former actress herself and Harry that said Kate was very welcoming.

However Finding Freedom, which we have not read but heard and read extracts of, all but implies a sister spat between the two duchesses. Catherine did a lot of things for Meghan including allowing Charlotte to be bridesmaid while her eldest son, George served as a page boy. The book claims that a vegan meal got prepared by Kate for her brand new sister-in-law. Then there was the flowers.

Meghan, apparently, didn’t think these kind gestures were enough. What did she want? A huge welcome party? Like honestly! Her new family of in-laws rolled out the metaphorical red carpet and she was never happy.

The Actual Red Carpet

Actually, speaking of the red carpet, who does Meghan think she is? She apparently wanted one in the church and she was told ‘no’. There’s that magic word again. If it is true then she truly is a diva.

Meghan thought and still does that she is now not just actual royalty, but Hollywood royalty. Ah, no, you’re not Megs, sorry. Showbiz royalty don’t flaunt their newfound wealth and they don’t preach about doing things, they themselves wouldn’t do.

Damage Control

[Credit: Grazia Daily]

The Daily Mail article linked above as our source comes after a report came out claiming that Meghan threw Catherine, Camilla, and Prince Charles under the bus. She blames them for stories about her and Harry coming out.

In the link above, we questioned why they would do this. She’s just terrified of what has come out about her. Why would three decent, senior royals need to leak stories to the press? Charles did so much for Meghan and now she is dragging his name through the dirt because she’s no longer getting money from Duchy Cornwall.

Meghan is jealous of Catherine as we mentioned in this post involving Beatrice and Eugenie. A sister spat involving the Duchesses of Sussex and Cambridge is just petty on Megs’ part. She has nothing to gain to creating an enemy out of the woman who she would have had to bow down to if she had remained a working member of the family.

The bitterness and resentment that Meghan has towards Catherine just does to see what a narcissist she is.

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