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The Bold And The Beautiful: Is Zoe Jealous Of The Closeness Between Paris And Zende?

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Look out Forrester Creations! There’s a sister clash coming and it’s not going to be pretty!

There’s a sister clash coming and this time, it’s not Hope and Steffy fighting over Liam. No, Zoe is warning little sis, Paris to stay out of her personal life. Question is why. What did she do that is so bad. We think she’s jealous of the close bond she has formed with Zende.

Zoe is engaged to Carter, but it has become apparent that she also has a massive crush on Zende. Issue is she cannot have both men. This whole thing is a recycle of the Steffy/Liam/Hope and Taylor/Ridge/Brooke love triangles. However, it’s more like a square because Paris is involved too.

Since Paris’ debut, she has been attached to Zoe’s story and has instantly gained the attention of Zende who also has his eye on her older sibling. This sister clash has continued to heat up because one of the Buckingham girls is refusing to let go of the one guy she could be with if she didn’t have the hots for her husband-to-be.

Basically, Zoe can’t decide on who she wants, so she’s telling Paris to stay out of her personal life so she can have Zende on reserve in case things go south with Carter. This is the same tactic Ridge used all those years with Taylor when he actually wanted Brooke. Same applies with Liam with Hope and Steffy. He gets them both pregnant and keeps one of them on ice when something happens.

Zoe Hasn’t Changed Since The Baby Beth Scandal

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If there’s one thing this sister clash has taught us, Zoe hasn’t changed too much in regards to using people to get what she wants. If she wants Zende, she’ll stop Paris from getting her claws into him and place him in storage. This might put her sister in the ‘how could you?’ category, but that is the way she operates; without mercy or consideration for the people she’s going to hurt along the way.

Does Zoe intend to hurt those around her? No, she doesn’t or we don’t think so but it’s all about what she wants. Paris’ interest in Zende was not in her plans in the tug-o-war for who would win her over. However, she should’ve realised there is more at stake than just her desire to get a guy into bed.

If she has any love for her sister at all, she should just let her have Zende. Or dump Carter and be with Ridge’s nephew. Just pick one!

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