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Chronicles Of Harkle: I Will Not Be Silenced!


Silenced. That is what the Sussex Squad wants to do to me. Let. Them. Try. I am tired of walking on eggshells all the time. Reporting the truth has always been my endgame with this blog and it won’t stop just because some people with limited IQs can’t tell the difference between news and rumour. So, I got two comments in the early hours of this morning. Both came from the same IP address in the UK on my Tyler Perry Rumour post. Both came through on fake email addresses like what happened with Camilla Tominey. The first comment said I was sick. Five hours later I got another one saying that they were going to report the post to Meghan Markle’s lawyers to see if the rumour is true. I very much doubt whoever this is has contact with the Harkles’ lawyers.

I spoke to my dear friend Sue about it and she said not to worry about it. I’m not at all worried but I am sick and tired of having to address this. This blog will only EVER report on the facts and contradictions of any subject. I don’t just report on the royals but other things too that are just as important. I’ve said this before, but this is the FINAL time I talk about this. I’m not going to be silenced by a bunch of people who harass others.

My mum said to me yesterday that the Sussex Squad can see the type of person Meghan is but can’t accept it. I couldn’t agree more. They are so desperate to believe that their goddess is this goodwill ambassador and will attack anyone who says otherwise. What are they trying to achieve? They spread hate which brings me to the next thing…

The Situation With Prince George

[Credit: The Independent]

What disgusts me is the vile comments that have come up online regarding almost eight-year-old Prince George. Can’t a young boy enjoy watching soccer with his parents? He is just a child who wears a suit like his father. There is nothing wrong with that. Did people *ahem* Sussex Squad suddenly forget or not know that Prince William is the president of the English Soccer League? Apologies to anyone who is an English soccer fan if this is incorrect.

If Archie and Lili were under attack, the Sussex Squad would be up in arms. Oi! Sugars! We know you hate being silenced, so stop trying to do it to a 7-year-old boy who will one day be king! Not to mention, have any of you seen this picture?

[Credit: Showbiz Cheat Sheet]

See the young boy standing closest to Princess Diana? That’s your boy, Prince Harry. He looks to be a few years older than George is now. How is a boy wearing a suit to an event an issue? I’m sorry if parents putting their child in formal attire is offensive to you, Sussex Squad. Oh, wait… I’m not sorry. Not even in the slightest. You are not the Cambridge children’s parents and therefore have no right to dictate or comment on something that doesn’t concern you.

Before you, Sussex Squad individuals call me a hypocrite for the previous statement, lower your fingers from your keyboard for a moment just listen to what I say next. I’m a freelance blogger with journalistic experience, so, therefore, it is my business. The world needs to know what is going on and that is why I do this at all. Otherwise, I am allowing you brainwashed groupies of Meghan and Harry to get away with having me silenced. I won’t stand for it.

I Don’t Stoop Down To The Sussex Squad’s Level

duchesses; grateful; blame
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Whenever I report on the Sussexes which has been almost on a daily occurrence since the Oprah Interview, I don’t go bullying people. I call it as I see it. Anyone who knows me or has read the blog for long enough knows this. Even my Twitter followers know this. I’ve been bullied so I know what it feels like. Calling someone out on their behaviour is NOT bullying.

Most people who don’t like Meghan, don’t actually hate her. They have NOTHING against her race but they do have an issue with the way she acts. She has tried to have people silenced for their views. People have a right to be heard. Remember when Harry called the First Amendment of the American constitution, ‘bonkers’? He was attacking his beloved wife’s home country. He doesn’t want people to form their own opinions.

The Sussex Squad are a rowdy bunch who stoop so low it’s unhuman. Look at what has been happening with YouTuber Yanky Wally as an example. I don’t resort to doxing, threatening people with blackmail, death threats, or making demeaning comments about children.

Meghan Doesn’t Care About Her Followers Like They Think

[Credit: Vanity Fair]

Meghan only cares about money and fame. She doesn’t care about her fanbase. If she did, then she wouldn’t be passing off stories sent through the Archewell website as story inspiration as told by the Daily Express. She does not have a creative bone in her body.

If she cared about them, she would be totally transparent with them. With the world. But, she won’t and there is no way she will change, and neither will her feral fanbase. Quite honestly, I’ve given up caring what the Sussex Squad think and say.

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