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Home And Away: What Exactly Is Sienna Trying To Achieve With Nikau?


Sienna is trying to ruin Nik’s relationship with Bella, but why?

Nikau was reluctant to get into modelling because he deemed it to be fake. Now, he’s more comfortable with his new career choice. However, it’s about to come at a cost; his relationship with Bella and it’s because of his agent, Sienna. She appears to be hellbent on fracturing what her new favourite male model has with his girlfriend. There is one question, though. Why?

Sienna is forcing Nik’s modelling partner, Allegra to get between him and Bella by forcing the photography intern to fetch coffee and food for the crew while the model does what she can to please their boss. Then came what happened in last night’s episode.

The scheming Sienna tells Allegra to wait for her signal and then to kiss Nik. Well, it went down like a lead balloon. When Bella came back with the agent’s coffee, the model was given the go-ahead to kiss Nikau. To see the intern’s face of shock is enough to make you want to cringe and pity her.

From what the promo last night showed, Bella is far from thrilled and thinks that her boyfriend WILLINGLY kissed Allegra. While we know this isn’t the case, she will be in too much shock to think straight. We know that Nikau will try to get out of his contract because of the strain it is putting on his relationship but Sienna tells him that if he quits, his girlfriend loses her internship with Emmett.

There might even be a breakup on the cards, judging by footage that has been circulating the last few weeks.

What Exactly Is Sienna Trying To Achieve?

Now, what is Sienna trying to do? Is the agency losing money? After all, there was a mention of ‘the money shot’. There could be any number of reasons as to why, but this where we’re going to speculate:

  • Sienna is jealous of Bella for some deluded reason; unknown to us at the moment.
  • It’s nothing personal and Sienna is under stress to make her agency stand out amongst the rest.
  • Sienna wants Nik for herself.
  • Sienna is trying to get even with someone.

Whatever the case might be, it is not going well for either Nikau and Bella. But, will the love they share be enough to keep them together, or will the scheming agent get her way?

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