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Home And Away: Jasmine Shocked To See Colby Wheeled Into The Hospital


Home and Away returns tonight and we get a shocked Jasmine when Colby arrives with life-threatening injuries…

Back to the Bay has released a tidbit of what is to come for Colby in what we assume to be the first week of Home and Away upon its premiere tonight. Jasmine will be shocked when her friend is wheeled into the emergency department with serious injuries after he is attacked in prison.

This prompts her to call Dean and Bella, knowing that time might be running out for the disgraced cop. We know that actor Tim Franklin (Colby) hasn’t been on set or location in months so we’re betting his character dies. After all, he did say his dream was to be killed off.

As to what Bella and Dean’s reactions will be, well the promos that have been released have them shocked that he was targeted to a degree, though they likely knew this was coming. The reason? Colby is a cop which means that being put away doesn’t often bode well for them. This is a prime example of that.

Cops often suffer behind bars and Colby is going to pay the price whether we like it or not. Whether Dean and Bella are going to blame Willow for their friend and brother’s demise is uncertain. We know she is coming back as she appears in one of the trailers.

Will Colby be given a cop’s funeral? Who knows at this point it is just good to finally have the show back tonight. There might be a post after the episode airs, but it will depend on what it covers.

Be sure to watch the 2021 the Australian Season premiere of Home and Away at 7pm on Channel 7. If you miss it, be sure to check it out on 7Plus.

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