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Chronicles Of Harkle: When Did Harry Start Becoming A Shell Of His Former Self?


Prince Harry is a shell. He has become overly paranoid over the potential death of his wife, Meghan Markle, at the hands of the press. So, when did this occur? I’m not going to create a timeline as it doesn’t matter. But what I will examine a few moments from the past. I also want to stress that what I say mightn’t be 100% accurate.

So, let’s pick a point where he was himself when Meghan came on the scene. Oh, what about when he was asked whether it was his fiancée’s idea for him to talk about his mental health. Oli Smith wrote for the Express in May 2021 that the duke had “erased” part of his memory of who initially got him into therapy. According to the article, Royal correspondent, Katie Nicholls said that he seems to forget that it was William and Charles and not Meghan who got him help.

YouTuber Baggage Claim did a video where she says that the way Harry talks about losing his mother is different from how William speaks about it. She includes an audio track from a news report, where it references Harry saying it was his brother who persuaded him to get assistance.

The Great Lie And The Mental Health Manipulation

However, during the Me You Can’t See, Harry says it was after a fight with Meghan that she told him to do something about his mental health. When I heard this come out in the media, as I have not seen the docuseries, it instantly raised a few alarm bells. Outside of knowing that what he was saying was a lie, I took note of the comment of “after a fight with Meghan”.

This, to me at least, sounds like manipulation. It could be my mind over analysing it, but during the pre-Meghan years, I could see the type of man Harry was and how he loved his brother, sister-in-law, and his nephew and niece. This was before Prince Louis’ birth, which is why I did not add the plural to “nephew.”

I want to go over to Meghan for a moment and how she said that being a royal ruined her mental health like she was living in a prison. Now, I’ve researched Markle a million times. Not once have I seen anything about her having mental health issues before she got with Harry. It was only until the South Africa trip where she spoke about it.

Yes, I’m aware some people choose to keep their mental health challenges to themselves, but with Meghan, there is a history of lying. She lied about not knowing anything about her older half-siblings when there is photographic evidence that she did.

I’ve seen people have mental breaks, and it’s horrible to experience. You feel helpless when it happens. With Meghan, she uses Harry’s mental health to play the victim of someone who has a mental health issue. I believe that she does have a mental illness, but it is not depression. She makes her husband believe that he can save her when he couldn’t do the same with his mother.

The Shell Of Prince Harry In Montecito

So, I started this post by exposing that Harry’s narrative has changed over time. Though, anyone who has been following the Sussex disaster train will know this already. Anyway, we’ve seen how Harry praised his brother and then switched the story to praising Meghan for something in which she had no involvement. Now, I wanted to pull a couple of moments from the pair’s time in Montecito to the forefront to examine how his shell has cracked around him.

So, we’ve seen the Spotify ad where Harry looks totally out of it.

[Credit: Insider]

Then, we’ve seen all the photos of what looks likes a dungeon where Harry looks like he’s in prison.

Then, there’s this photo of Harry in a tux in the house, where he, again, looks out of it or he is on something:

[Credit: Daily Soap Dish]

Harry is nowhere within his comfort shell anymore. His wife has worn him down over time. Now, you’re probably wondering where I’m going with this. Well, let me explain.

The former prince is nothing more than a puppet to Meghan. Sure, he loved her at the beginning of their relationship. But, having observed his erratic behaviour over the last five-six years, it has occurred to me that his shell has well and truly disintegrated. As you can see from the above photos, he looks lost and unable to tell what is true and what is Meghan’s fantasy.

After all, he thought that juggling outside their office window would be funny. This was set up and wasn’t spontaneous.

[Credit: Metro]

Meghan’s need for control has been apparent for a while as she has sent her lapdog lawyer, Jenny Afia, to dictate to us mortals what bullying means. Harry appears to hate Monetcito as he is away from people who knew him.

The Statement

Let’s jump back to when Hary and Meghan were first dating. Harry put out a statement that said the media were printing things about his then-girlfriend that had racial undertones. Basically, he called every single journalist and media outlet racist without clarifying what the “undertones” were. This would become a pattern as their marriage has gone on.

The statement is what I would call the silent check. What I mean by this is that Meghan knew that Harry would step in to protect her if she played the victim card. I guess that she went to him and falsely cried, “Harry, the press is being racist to me! Stop them!”

From what I have heard, speculation has arisen that there no one knew that Meghan was biracial until it was mentioned in the press release. Now, in the larger scheme of things, this wouldn’t have mattered. Prince Charles has people of colour working for him. Also, one of the Queen’s equerries is African-British. I wrote about this in a post last year.

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