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The Bold And The Beautiful: Thomas ‘Confesses’ His Love To Hope While Steffy And Liam Share A Kiss

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For the moment, it appears the spoilt Forrester heirs, Thomas and Steffy are getting their wishes. The eldest just confessed his love for Hope… again while his sister shares a kiss with Liam.

Thomas’s end goal is Hope and it always has been. He’s not above using her love for his son against her to get what he wants. However, in today’s episode he basically confesses his love for the Logan heiress while admitting he’s using his ‘girlfriend’ Zoe as a pawn to make the woman he really wants jealous. Meanwhile, his sister shares a kiss with Liam after spending time with their daughter.

Just this week, lawyer and Forrester family friend Carter confesses he finds Zoe beautiful. However, she’s with Thomas which he is aware of. He tells her that while Ridge is his friend, he has seen the damage the man’s son has caused. We even saw Quinn spike Brooke’s drink with alcohol.

At Steffy’s house, she and Liam spend time with Kelly, creating a video family album of them together. Once the little girl is down for the count, her parents sit talking before they end up kissing at the end of the episode.

Here We Go…Again… Again…

So many fans are rolling their eyes at this monstrosity of a storyline. Since Thomas came back from New York, his endless pursuit of Hope has become of the most cringeworthy stories within all the time we’ve watched the show.

It probably wouldn’t be so bad if he wasn’t using his son as a lure to pull Hope in. Also, no one else on the Forrester or Spencer sides of the family are protecting Douglas. Hope and Brooke are the only ones doing anything.

If Steffy claims to love Douglas, then why doesn’t she do something about protecting her nephew? Oh, yeah. She’s too busy pining over Liam and wanting her family back to even care. Also, she’s too concerned about her stupid fashion line to care about a little boy who needs to be taken from his father… permanently.

Look at what happened with Brooke all those years ago. She had Hope and RJ taken from her by Stephanie until she got her act together. At least she could see the bigger picture.

Steffy Shares A Kiss With Liam

Steffy never would’ve gotten Liam if she had not almost drowned in the bath. Sure, she’d had a crush on him before this, but it would’ve faded. Before all you Steam fans explode at us, you probably never watched Bold in the 2010s when Liam came into the story. Hope helped him find his father, though everyone forgets this. He fell for Hope FIRST. Not Steffy.

Also, don’t say that she’s a changed a person since ‘Princess Kelly’ was born. First off, all little kids are cute. You’re only calling Kelly a princess because she’s Steffy’s daughter. Your precious Steffy Marone! Yeah, we went there!

Liam is so oblivious! He doesn’t care about Hope’s feelings at all. Also, what’s wrong with taking Kelly to the cabin to spend time with Beth? Why does Beth have to go to Steffy’s like all the time? She [Steffy] doesn’t dictate how her former daughter should see her sister. Her father and mother do.

Kissing Liam just brings all of Steffy’s unresolved feelings to the surface and it’s all her brother’s fault. He shouldn’t be getting involved with something that doesn’t concern him. Yes, he wants his sister to be happy, but he wronged her by keeping the truth about Beth a secret from her. What older sibling does that?

Thomas should also see that Liam was happy with Hope. Yes, he has a child with Steffy, but his true love is Hope and it always has been. If he [Thomas] loves her the way he says he does, he wouldn’t want her involved in his schemes.

Thomas’s Twisted Fantasies

While we don’t see many of Thomas’s twisted fantasies, where does Baby Beth play into any of his plans? In that one daydream he had where Brooke had died and Hope wasn’t showing any emotion towards her mother’s death, Liam was with Steffy and Kelly and he and Hope were married with Douglas as a sixteen-year-old driving a fancy car. There was no reference to Beth at all. The man just has no regard for ‘the love of his life’s’ daughter. He’d make a terrible stepfather.

Also, Thomas’s dream is to have Liam be with his first family meaning Steffy and Kelly so he can have Hope to himself. His delusional state has gotten so out of hand that he thinks no one sees through his lies.

Will Vinny Get Through To Thomas?

Thomas’s buddy Vinny is going to jump back into the story and give his pal a real talking to. Despite being a drug dealer, Vinny has proven that he has a kind heart and doesn’t follow Thomas’s ideals. He also sees what Ridge will not: his friend is using his son to get Hope.

What makes Vinny a great character is he knows what it’s like to have a terrible childhood. His own father wasn’t a nice person and he doesn’t want Douglas to suffer the way he did and he doesn’t want old Tommy Boy to become like his dad [Vinny’s old man].

While it’s unlikely that Thomas will listen, it would be nice if it happened. Hopefully Vinny will cut all ties with his obsessive friend and realise the man is a lost cause.

Setting Zoe Up For Heartbreak

It seems that every young woman in LA wants a piece of Thomas Forrester. Why wouldn’t they? He’s the son of the legendary Ridge Forrester, he’s handsome and great with the ladies. The only women not after him are Steffy (eww! incest much?) and Hope.

Zoe considers herself the lucky one as she’s now dating the fashion designer. However, we the audience know Thomas is simply using her to make Hope jealous. Sure he shares a kiss with the model from time to time, but it’s all a show. If only she’d see that. She’s too blindsided by her feelings for him to see the real him and this was what Liam was afraid of.

Since she arrived in LA, she has been nothing but trouble. She trolled Emma and Hope and stalked Xander before seducing him into going back to her. Oh and how can we forget that she was the ringleader in keeping the truth about Beth being alive before Thomas entered the picture?

Zoe is as self-absorbed as they come. She didn’t care about Hope, Beth or Steffy’s feelings and didn’t want her father to go to prison. Her thoughts backfired on her and now her father is paying the price. She thinks she’s scored the ultimate guy, but she’s setting herself up for heartbreak.

Just being associated with Thomas is going to backfire.

Will Quinn Join Thomas’s Crusade Against Brooke?

Brooke has every right to be upset. Her husband shares a kiss or a few with a woman who is not her and wants to take him for herself. Her BFF is the one and only Quinn Forrester so yeah, of course Shauna will go after a married man. Stephanie would be rolling her grave at having Quinn’s portrait above the Forrester fireplace.

After the whole slapping incident and spiking Brooke’s juice with alcohol proves Quinn is still the same woman she was when she arrived in LA; a schemer who loves to make everybody’s lives a living hell to satisfy her own twisted desires.

Thomas eavesdropped on her conversation with his grandfather and asks her to join him in bringing down his wicked stepmother. Will she join him? Who knows, but the evidence points to ‘probably’.

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