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Rowan Baxter: Family Killer A Serial Cheater

serial cheater

There are a lot of ways to describe family killer, Rowan Baxter. But, there is so many other pieces to this man’s vile cruelty. Other than being a misogynist, he apparently was also a serial cheater.

May Rowan Baxter rest in hell. The family killer deserves no peace for the way he treated his wife Hannah and their three young children. We’ve found out more information about the type of man he was during his life and it doesn’t really surprise us. It is alleged he was also a serial cheater, if a claim by the New York Post is true.

It is no secret that Baxter had been raised to hate women from generations of men before him. Like his ancestors, he thought that the opposite gender was simply for sexual pleasures and to do housework. According to the New York Post article (linked above), his cousin Sandra Taylor came out saying that her relative was a serial cheater and he didn’t try to hide it.

She said:

We were at a family barbecue and he was at the grill and I walked over to him and he was sending hundreds of texts to other women. I know Hannah believed she wasn’t the only one.

Sandra Taylor

Sandra also added that when Hannah walked out on her husband, she [Sandra] tried to reach out to her [Hannah] in a show of support. She finished by saying she was left horrified by Rowan’s decision to take the lives of his estranged wife and their three children.

Pot Meet Kettle

Rowan Baxter was a hypocrite. He accused Hannah of cheating on him when in reality, he was being a sleaze and was talking to hundreds of other women who were most definitely NOT his wife.

All he was interested in was sex and he didn’t care who he hurt. His kids idolised him and he repays them by hurting them and their mother? At least Hannah knew the type of man her husband was. She did everything in her power to get her children away from their father.

No person should be afraid for their lives, especially when it comes to their partner. Men like Rowan Baxter are controlling because they have insecurities that often revolve around jealousy towards their romantic partner. In this case, the guy had an eerie sense of right and wrong. He believed his wife was in the wrong for leaving him and so he decided to kill her. According to reports, he also tried to stop people from intervening as his wife burned in the driveway.

Rowan Baxter should NOT be seen as any sort of hero, sporting or otherwise. He is a murdering SOB who deserves to rot in hell for the needless murders of his family. His issue wasn’t with his wife; it was with the way people admired her strength to leave a loser like him.

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