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Chronicles Of Harkle: Are Harry And Meghan Being Too Sensitive About The Conversation Surrounding The Colour Of Children’s Skin?

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There is a time and a place to talk about racism, but when you’re Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the topic of race is a very sensitive matter. The Duchess of Sussex is biracial with a black mother and white father, not that you would know that by looking at her. But apparently, it is offensive to have a discussion about any future children’s skin tone in front of the Sussexes. Now, I wasn’t going to discuss this at all, given how touchy the subject is. But, I couldn’t sit on my hands and say nothing. The reason I wanted to discuss this is because I have been looking through Twitter and mixed raced couples have been asking why the conversation surrounding Archie’s skin tone is even an issue.

Now, let’s get to the crux of the situation; the Sussexes are being too sensitive about what people say about them. Since Harry and Meghan even started dating, race has played a massive part in the hostilities between the couple and the press on top of the prince’s hatred for the media’s role in his mother’s death. The prince put out a statement telling the world to leave his girlfriend alone and not mention her biracial heritage.

However, rumours are that the press no zero idea Meghan was biracial until Harry’s statement came out. I’m not sure whether I believe that though I would if someone reliable said it was true. Now, I want to make very clear that I have no issues with Markle being mixed race.

Amazing To Have A Biracial Woman In Royal Family, But She’s Too Overly Sensitive

Moreover, I think it’s amazing, but it is her attitude and her constant need to complain about how unfair her life is when there are bigger issues in the world that need to be addressed. Now, I am not at liberty to say whether the conversation about what colour a child’s skin will be is wrong or not. I am just going over what I’ve seen online from people who have mix raced kids.

There is no doubt in my mind that Meghan misinterpreted what was said to her. However, Harry claimed the conversation came up when he and his wife were dating. This contradicts what she said about the discussion taking place when she was pregnant with Archie. Now, I would believe the prince over his wife given she is notorious for lying.

Also, someone pointed out on social media that when the correction was made, Meghan threw Harry a dirty look. Totally missed that. Anyway, if there were an issue with racism within the royal family, the Sussexes wouldn’t have been allowed to marry. If the Duchess of Sussex had done thorough research, she would’ve known Queen Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz was biracial. She was a German princess of African ancestry who at the age of 17 married King George III of England, as per Time.

An Honest Opinion From Candace Owens

It is in my opinion that Meghan believes she is special because she is mixed race. I don’t think she is anything extraordinary. She seems to have this deep seated hatred for the royals due to the fact she wasn’t given certain things. She is overly sensitive to the idea that someone might’ve inquired – not being offensive – about how her and Harry’s children might come out in regards to skin tone.

In an article by the Daily Mail written by Candace Owens, she said she doesn’t buy Meghan’s victim narrative. She spoke with her sisters and her husband about the colour of her son’s skin when she was pregnant.

There is even a photo of Candace with her son who has pale skin like his father. It should be noted that she even says that this was a very normal conversation for her to have with her family regarding her then-unborn child. Now, I wanted to bring something else up here. Her father-in-law is Michael Farmer, Baron Farmer who is a member of the House of Lords. She understands how British nobility works despite having only married her husband, George in 2019 a year after Meghan wed Harry.

Sure, Ms Owens has a bit of a history of controversy but everything written in her DM article is very true. When you think genetics, Candace’s son had more chance to have a mixed skin tone than Archie. Meghan forgets that she is biracial and not 100% black. Harry is white so there there was more chance of their children having pale skin rather mixed or dark skin.


To finish off, I want to issue one final insight. Meghan’s goal of the interview with Oprah was to turn the public against the royal family. She has bred contempt amongst those who do not understand how the monarchy works. Markle is not an evil dictator but she will do whatever she can to bring her ‘horrid’ in-laws to justice and she will – in her eyes – be triumphant like Ariel was in The Little Mermaid.

As for her and Harry’s over reaction to someone potentially inquiring about the skin tone of their children in an innocent fashion, just shows how out of touch they both are. There is a difference between asking a well meaning question and saying something derogatory about your future kids.

Meghan doesn’t know the first thing about being racially abused. She use to pass herself off as white as seen in this Tweet by Only One Kate:
[Credit: @grazia747 – Twitter]

Meghan’s need to realise that not everything being said to her is intended to be offensive. She should consider other people and not just herself. If she wants the world to see her as a good person, Markle has to find a way to make amends with the royals.

However, there is no way she will allow herself to apologise to her in-laws. As far as she is concerned, they wronged her by not giving her what she wanted. The girl doesn’t like being told ‘no’.

Poll Time!

Time to have a little fun. It’s been a while since I’ve added polls to any posts on the site. So, I thought it would be nice to get your opinions on this. Do you think Harry and Meghan are being too sensitive when it comes to the discussion of their children’s skin? Tell us in the poll below!

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