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The Batman: Matt Reeves Unveils New Image Of Selina Kyle


Selina Kyle is making her big-screen comeback in The Batman, and we’re excited to see Zoë Kravitz occupy the role. Director Matt Reeves unveiled a new picture of the iconic character on Twitter just hours before the launch of DC FanDome 2021. It comes a year after the first trailer dropped at the 2020 event. That trailer showed Bruce’s struggles in his first couple of years as the Dark Knight.

[Credit: Matt Reeves – @MattReevesLA]

This film marks the second time Zoë Kravitz has played the Selina Kyle version of Catwoman. The first was in the animated LEGO Batman Movie, where she only had a limited number of lines.

[Credit: DC Movies Fandom]

The Batman will see Selina in the early days of her criminal career. This comes before she becomes the fully-fledged anti-hero. We’ve seen other images of her when the film was in principle photography and, of course, in the first trailer in a makeshift balaclava. It appears, judging by the photo above, that Kyle goes through a makeover as the movie progresses. The reason we say this is one of the images we’ve seen has her with longer hair than she does in Matt’s tweet.

[Credit: Harper’s Bazaar]

Moreover, from what has been said in the past, The Batman will be based on the famed storylines, The Long HalloweenEgo, and Batman: Year One. What’s more is all the characters featured in the film would have their own semi-beginnings, depending on the character.

Finally, this is an interesting thing to do for a film on a character as well known as Batman. Usually, the story would begin with the origins and then skip ahead to several years later when the characters have already been established. Starting in the second year of a superhero’s career is a ballsy move for any filmmaker to do. Though, we applaud it!

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