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Chronicles Of Harkle: Sorry, But We Don’t Think Harry And Meghan Regret Doing The Oprah Interview


Self-sabotage has always been Meghan’s thing, but never in a million years did I ever think Harry was capable of it too. That is, until a news article by has come out saying that the Sussexes ‘regret’ their interview with Oprah. Yeah, I don’t think they do. According to what was written, the Duke of Sussex was upset that his late grandfather wouldn’t get to know his great-grandson, Archie or the Sussexes’ little girl who is due in the coming months. Here’s the problem I have with this story. If either of them had even cared, they wouldn’t have done the interview while Prince Philip’s life was hanging by a thread in hospital.

The Sussexes are so self-obsessed that they don’t think about the potential consequences of their actions. Prince Philip adored his grandchildren and would’ve loved to know Archie better. Heck, he spent more time with Prince George and Prince Charlotte then he would have with his second-youngest grandson’s son.

Also, I need to point out the self-sabotage the Sussexes have been caught up in. One of the biggest ones was when Meghan claimed she had never looked up her husband or his family online. Yes, she had. She had fangirled over the 2011 royal wedding of her sister-in-law (and rumoured rival), Catherine and her brother-in-law, Prince William as mentioned on The Tig. She also mentioned Turquoise Mountain which was founded by her father-in-law, Prince Charles on her blog too.

Now, Meghan mentions in the Oprah interview that they knew about Prince Philip being in hospital and that she called The Queen to check-in. However, Harry says nothing when she mentions this. Could this have been the truth or could it have been her saying it so she didn’t upset people? It could be anything.

Blame Game

[Credit: Metro]

If there’s one thing Meghan is good at, it’s turning a situation around so the other person is to blame when she is wrong. She pins every ‘issue’ on people thinking her race is a problem. No one has ever mentioned her ethnicity as an issue. She has identified as white most of her life. While there is no definite evidence, there have been signs. Both Trevor and Harry are white men. If she actually identified as mixed-race or black, she would’ve married a mixed-race or black man either time. Now, I know this is likely to be controversial, but we need to consider who her two husbands are in the public eye.

Trevor is a film producer with an impressive resume of films under his belt. Meghan appeared in a couple of them in tiny roles. If speculation is correct, she tried to get him to cast her as a bigger character but he refused. Ultimately, we know how the marriage came to an end with Markle sending her engagement and wedding rings back to him via FedEx.

Then, we have Harry. A desperate man wanting what his older brother has only for him to fall into the clutches of a woman who used her first husband and dumped all of her friends for more powerful and richer ones. She no longer speaks to any of the friends who attended her first wedding from what has been said on the grapevine.

Different Family Definitions

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Harry was once very close to his family. He adored his eldest nephew and niece and would visit them often. Meghan on the other hand has never had a close relationship with any of her family without discarding them after they have fulfilled their purpose. Look at her niece Ashleigh as an example. She is the daughter of Markle’s half-sister, Samantha, and acted as her go-to when it came to the lawyer jargon she had to say while on Suits. Also, when she was on Instagram, she posted these two photos:

Editor’s Note: Sorry, for the cut off photo in the first image. That’s all I could find.

The first photo is a screenshot from Meghan’s former Instagram account introducing her audience to her niece, Ashleigh. Picture number two contains the hashtag #familyfirst.

Sooo…. if her niece was her family, why didn’t she get an invite to the royal wedding? It should be noted too that Ashleigh has not been mentioned once by her aunt since she married Harry. Fun fact, Ms Hale is a few years younger than Markle. Her mother, Samantha is almost two decades older than MM.

Was Ashleigh ghosted like her grandfather, mother, uncle and other relatives? It certainly appears that way. We know Meghan’s nephews via her half-brother, Tom Jr and former sister-in-law, Tracy Dooley were also ghosted.

Going over to Harry and he loved being able to hang out of his cousins and their children. He was incredibly close to Zara Tindall, her husband Mike and their daughters, Mia and Lena. There have been photos where he’s been seen mucking about with the girls on a family outing.

Meghan Does Self-Sabotage Well Enough That It’s Obvious

former self
[Credit: International Business Times]

Meghan displays obvious self-sabotage. She claims to be a woman of colour and yet she does not invite any of her black relatives to her multimillion pound wedding. She wants to forget that she is truly biracial and that one half of herself doesn’t exist. In the Oprah interview, she talks about her father in the past tense as if he’s dead. When he spoke after the tell-all, he sounded distressed and did not look very well.

If his daughter cared about him at all, she would forgive him. Also, why did she criticise him for getting the paparazzi involved and talking to the press when she has done exactly the same thing in the past? For all her stans, I wouldn’t expect you lot to understand the concept of double standards. She has a god complex where nothing that she does is wrong. One example during the interview with Oprah that stood out was the claim that Meghan made about getting married three days before the ‘spectacle’ for the public.

It has since come out via the Sussexes’ marriage certificate that they were NOT wed when Meghan claimed. Also, the Archbishop of Canterbury wouldn’t do an illegal ceremony as Harry’s grandmother, The Queen is the head of church. To do so would be seen as disrespectful and 100% ilegal and the Duke of Sussex would’ve known this.

Uhh… Apology?

ITV; self-sabotage
[Credit: The Sun]

Finally, I come to the last point in our post; the so-called ‘apology’ that Meghan is expecting to get. Sorry, MM but you’re not going to get one as it is YOU who caused the issues to begin with. You expected to be handed the metaphorical keys to the kingdom and when you weren’t, you sought to destroy an institution that has stood long before you were even born. According to The Sun, you claim to be ‘ready to forgive’. Uhhh… apologise for what? You were called out for your bullying antics as well as your lies and you want them to take accountability for something you did? That’s truly whack!

Also, Meghan’s ‘friends’ have come out demanding that the royals apologise for their ‘treatment of her’. First off, fuck off. It has NOTHING to do with you. You might be her allies, but you don’t know what actually goes on behind palace walls. Secondly, only rich people would ally with a wealthy narcissist. Also, has anyone noticed that wealthy black people are siding with her? Beyoncé and Jay-Z are two of those people.

In conclusion, if Meghan continues to self-sabotage herself, then people are going to continue to want zero to do with her except those who ‘identify’ with her.

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