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Not Really A Surprise: Meghan Markle Accused Of Self-Promoting Herself Prior To Meeting Prince Harry


Meghan Markle just loves the idea of self-promoting herself…

This story never gets old. An article from The Sun in late July 2020 has said that former actress, Meghan Markle had a tendency to collude with the paparazzi as a way of self-promoting herself during her time on Suits. Now, we have to remember that she never a lead on the show despite her character, Rachel Zane’s story being tied to that Patrick J. Adams’ Mike Ross.

Now, this doesn’t really surprise us like at all. Meghan has been self-promoting herself since before her relationship with Prince Harry became public. There was the shot on Instagram she took where she shared a snap of spooning bananas with faces. There was even one where she showed bracelets similar to Harry’s. The former actress’ social accounts were shut down after the engagement became public. However, the photos are in the public domain.

Whether Harry knew that his then-girlfriend was hinting at their relationship or not is anyone’s guess. Honestly, it doesn’t matter because she was never interested in his desire to keep their courtship under wraps. It always about self-promoting herself. After all, she went crying to him saying that the media was hounding her and being racially abusive.

Again, this was just the beginning of her self-promoting campaign of ‘Look at me! I snagged a prince. I’m going to be a princess!’ Going back to the staged paparazzi shots, this would not be the first time she pulled this stunt.

All The Times Meghan Smiles At The Camera… Despite Wanting Privacy

The gallery above is just a selection of photos where Meghan is self-promoting herself by smiling at the camera. This is a woman who said she wanted privacy. Going back to the staged pap shots, this goes to show how shallow and high strung she is. If reports are right, she wanted to be the most famous person in the world and would do anything to be at the top. Well, she got her wish. She also wanted to be as beloved as her late mother-in-law and idol, Princess Diana.

Markle knew that Suits was ending in a few seasons and that she would be out of a job, so she had to find a new man and mooch of him. She found one and boy did that go down well. Mind you, that’s sarcasm. According to The Sun article, Meghan’s minion was Gina Nelthorpe-Cowne, her now-former agent. However, she [Gina] denies the paparazzi shots were set up. Ah-huh, sure.

It should also be noted that Meghan has made a habit of self-promoting herself every single time she appears in public, working royal or not. She flashes that ‘smile’ and well as whatever items she is wearing. The same applies to the very specific references to technology in the biography, Finding Freedom. The Tig, Markle’s blog was written on an Apple MacBook. Video calls were done via the FaceTime app on an iPad. The former actress owned (and still owns) an iPhone. All forms of self-promoting.

Self-Promoting Stokes The Ego

[Credit: Closer Weekly]

Also, from what The Sun revealed in their July 2020 article that the photos of Meghan (at the time) never sold. The reason? She wasn’t famous enough despite the fact she was in London coming out of the Toto Restaurant. But, they did when it came out that she and Prince Harry were dating. This was obviously her goal. If she was involved wth someone who had made a name for themselves, she would get her desired fame. After all, Lady Campbell has called her a fame addict.

Meghan isn’t exactly stupid. She knows how self-promoting herself will eventually get her what she wants. In this case, her goal was snag a wealthy Englishman (a royal, preferably) and it would allow her to get the fame she craved so badly.

The Sun article also dropped another nugget. According to Finding Freedom, Meghan’s cooperation with the paparazzi ended when she met Harry. Ah, no it didn’t. She was with the prince when a photo of her accessing the palace from a public area got dropped.

[Credit: Daily Mail]

It is absolutely no secret that Meghan’s scheme of self-promoting herself as the trailblazing royal wife came with sacrifices. One of those is Harry throwing tantrums at his family for ‘not treating’ Markle with respect. Sorry, dude but she started the war with the media because she was not getting her way. Also, she disrespected your family, especially your GRANDMOTHER who had to approve your union.

The Queen, the poor lady, probably regrets saying yes.

Once Meghan got her hooks into Harry, her self-promoting power trip was worth it. Having been a royal follower most of her life (as per Ninaki Priddy), she [Meghan] knew everything she wore would sell out.

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