Blog UPDATE: Coming At You Live From… Self-Isolation?

Hey all! We’re coming at you from self-isolation at home! Before you all ask if I’m okay, I am doing just fine though I am going stir crazy here as everything is closed due to the new measures to put a stop to COVID 19. All I’ve been writing stuff all day on the Coronavirus and to be truthful, it’s driving me nuts! I just want jump in and address some things going on with the blog and how the virus will affect what’s going on.

Super of the Week

Okay, so if you’re a regular to the blog, you might have noticed that Super of the Week hasn’t been happening the last few weeks. Since news of the Coronavirus has broken, I’ve been trying to focus on having as much information as possible written for every topic possible that this website details.

Don’t worry, though. Super of the Week will be returning. The Natasha Romanov Black Widow and Wonder Woman pieces have been written are scheduled to be published. In this self-isolation period, I’m trying to get as much work up as I can. I’m also in the middle of writing a Super of the Week post on Cassie Lang. I’m hoping this post will publish at the beginning of April before the Black Widow stuff does. I also need to start to the Melina and Yelena pieces too.

The Black Widow stuff will not change publication dates despite the postponement of the Black Widow movie release.


Another obstacle I am facing is my final subject for TAFE. I’m almost done with it so I should be more free once I get everything with it sorted out. I I’m almost done with my short film project for the final subject and I’m just waiting on the results for my resubmission on another subject.

Actual Blog Updates

Since I’ve been working in self-isolation as I always do, I’m thinking up new content for you guys to enjoy. I’ve got an idea for a Black Widow theory. I’ve started planning it out but I won’t start writing it until my TAFE work is complete.

Nothing has changed with the inner workings of the blog per say, but I can announce we have a new web host in Hostinger. Our subscription is for two years and we renew in 2022. Since we’ve had to transfer our domain name to the new host, that renews in 2021, so we’re actually saving money.

Speaking of money, the blog has been going from strength to strength this month and we’re actually making money! It’s not much, but we’re getting there.

Also, we’ve finally gotten our ALEXA Traffic Ranking! This for any blogger is huge. I won’t go into it here but we’ve actually ventured out of the 1Million range and we’re lower down which for a ranking is pretty good. I also won’t go into that here as it changes on a daily basis. We were also awarded our Traffic Rank for Australia and it’s better than we thought it might be.

Look Out For Each Other

These are some rough times we’re in and we need to look out for everyone around us. We’ve been to numerous supermarkets looking for essentials like Toilet Paper and Paper towel but people are hoarding it. It’s unfair to those of us who don’t get up early enough to line up outside the store. We’ve also enjoyed watching celebrities like Mel Brooks and his son Max talk about self-isolation.

If you’re one of those people who is panic buying, please, don’t be a pig and keep all those bog rolls or dispensers of hand sanitiser to yourself. If you have elderly relatives, friends or even neighbours who need it more than you, share your stuff. We’ve seen the ugly side of humanity with this stinkin’ virus where people are getting into unnecessary fights. We rallied together with the bushfires and now, we’re fighting over toilet paper? There’s no need to for that!

Yes, people are scared. But we need to think about others. You can’t get your hoard refunded as the supermarkets simply won’t allow such stupidity. Even the Prime Minister as agreed that it’s beyond stupid!

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