Did Meghan Markle Secretly Give Birth?


Has Meghan given birth to her and Prince Harry’s daughter?

There is a report floating around according to tabloid website, Gossip Cop that Meghan Markle has given birth to her baby daughter. Bear in mind, we’re not going over the surrogacy rumours or the moon bump theories. Also, this is just talk. Furthermore, there is no way the Sussexes would keep this a secret.

According to speculation, the Duchess of Montecito wanted a home birth. This comes as she was unable to have one with Archie. Gossip Cop has reassured its readers that its source, New Idea magazine is wrong in its reporting as it used a photo of Markle from her first pregnancy as its ‘proof’ she had gone to the hospital. Therefore, the picture that was used was actually as she walked out of her New York baby shower.

Knowing Meghan as we do, she’ll want to spill the tea on her daughter’s birth. After all, she has always wanted a little girl to fawn over. We don’t expect there to be details released as there weren’t any for Archie dropped. Though, she could do it for her newest baby so the whole world can congratulate her as the only woman to have given birth.

In conclusion, when we have more information surrounding the birth of baby girl Sussex, we’ll issue an update. If we’re perfectly honest, we can just see Meghan favouring this second child. Sorry, but she’s always wanted a daughter and now she has one. Cannot wait to see how far this actually goes. Perhaps, Harry will wake up to himself and realise what his wife is actually doing. Never too late… hopefully. The Sugars can hate us all they want.

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