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Home And Away: Colby Charged With A Second Murder

second murder

Colby has been slapped with a second murder charge…

Despite having made his final onscreen appearance last week, Colby is still part of Home and Away… in a way. Last night’s episode sees Bella learn the reason why her brother was placed in Solitary Confinement. He had attacked a fellow inmate after being told by Dean to do whatever he can to survive and the guy that he stabbed has since died meaning he has been slapped with a second murder charge.

This revelation hit Bella pretty hard as she had just learned via a letter from Colby that he didn’t want her to visit him and to forget he exists. Now, she has to discover through the local newspaper that her brother has been charged for a second murder.

Dean was forced to confess to her that he told Colby to do whatever it takes to get through his time in prison. Though, we don’t think he meant ‘kill’ someone. Judging by the flashback we got last Thursday when Bella read the letter, her brother was protecting himself. Though, given that he is a cop who has put people away, we doubt this is how the prisoners or the guardians saw it.

It has been well-established that cops and prison time are not a great combination. Dean has said this multiple times since Colby’s sentencing happened. It should be known also that police are often killed while on the inside. This is what Bella was afraid of despite being told there is nothing she do about it.

In conclusion, Colby’s second murder charge should’ve been manslaughter. If anything he should be the one protected because he was the one who got attacked. Though, it is what it is. He doesn’t deserve to be locked up. Ross was an abusive dickhead who killed Colby’s parents.

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