Royal Watchers (Rightfully) Up In Arms Regarding The Photo Released To Mark Archie’s Second Birthday

second birthday

A second birthday photo of Archie has been released but people aren’t happy for a very a good reason…

We feel like we say “Here we go again” a heap. However, this one is a doozy. It was Archie Mountbatten-Windsor’s second birthday yesterday (today in the US). His parents, Harry and Meghan had a photo taken to mark the occasion and posted it to the Archewell website. However, The Daily Mail reports that royal watchers are far from happy with the snap released.

second birthday
[Credit: BBC]

The photo released is one that was taken on Archie’s second birthday rather than sometime before. However, this is not the issue people have with it. The image is of the boy with his back turned to the camera playing with balloons. This has made fans question why release anything at all if this is what they get? We agree. Meghan and Harry are also screaming they want privacy but how is being in the press every day wanting privacy?

Meanwhile, across the ditch in the UK, Prince Charles, and Camilla, The Queen, and William and Catherine all posted previously seen photos of Archie to mark his second birthday on their social media channels. No doubt that there are no other photos they have of him which is totally fair. The boy was shielded from basically everyone in the family so no wonder none of the photos are new.

[Credit: Town & Country Magazine]

Also, it shows that Archie is still part of the royal family. This shows that The Firm is being the bigger people by acknowledging him on his second birthday. It was a very sweet gesture to show they still care despite their issues with his parents.

Not The First Time

This is not the first time Archie’s face has been hidden from view in photos. A family picture of the Sussexes was released for International Women’s Day as per Town & Country Magazine. The child and his father’s faces are both not shown, though Meghan’s is. In fact, here’s a gallery of the times the boy has been seen but not in full.


Now, we know Meghan isn’t above merching not just herself, but her child too. So, she screams from the roof of the Montecito mansion she and her family supposedly live in that she wants to protect her kid but then she pulls a stunt where his face is on full display during a visit to Desmond Tutu in South Africa. Then, there’s the obviously staged paparazzi shot where she’s walking around in a mask in California, pregnant with Archie’s face shown.

Doesn’t she realise that there’s a law in Cali where if a photo of a celebrity’s child is taken by the paparazzi and published in the mainstream media that the kid’s face has to be blurred out?

In 2013, as per Today, a bill was passed in California which was backed by Halle Berry and Jennifer Garner – you know, actual A-list celebrities – in order to protect their children in public. The bill was passed so the paparazzi would be held accountable if they harassed celebrity kids just because their parents were famous.

If Meghan had wanted to actually protect her son and soon, her daughter, she should’ve not had a pap stage a photo. Also, these photos were taken as a way of upstaging Prince Louis on his third birthday. We give massive kudos to the UK press for not publishing them and allowing the day to be about the littlest Cambridge.

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