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SDCC ’19: Wait, What’s Going On With Spock And Number One In THAT Short Treks Trailer?


[Contains spoilers for Discovery Season 2]

Short Treks is coming back and the trailer that was unleashed at the Hall H has us wondering, what happened when Spock (Ethan Peck) and Number One (Rebecca Romijn) met for the first time? Well, their short will explore that…

Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 didn’t dive into Spock’s relationships with his Enterprise crewmembers. Though, we do see that he had great respect for Pike (Anson Mount) and considered him a friend. However, we don’t see him interact with Number One. We see the surprise on Pike’s Commanding Officer’s face when Spock returns to the bridge after shaving off his beard. Number One and Pike are seen talking about Spock after he is framed for murders he didn’t commit during their time on Discovery.

From what we see in the trailer, the Spock/Number One centric story takes places before they and Pike’s appear in Discovery. Our favourite Vulcan was once an Ensign onboard the Enterprise when he meets Una (Yes, that is her actual name) when he arrives on the ship. He introduces himself by yelling and she has to tell him to stop. We don’t know everything that happens, but it looks like they end up trapped in an elevator together. How bad could that be?

Apparently, Spock drives Number One crazy while asking questions about the ship before asking her if she liked eggplant. What the…? Yeah, her face was pretty priceless. It looks like there was even an attraction there… or were we seeing things? We’ll have to wait to find out when the episode drops on CBS All Access in late 2019. This really exciting for this as it will add more to the Spock and Number One characters.

We’re also going to be talking about the other Shorts in another post. Right now, enjoy the trailer of the next batch of Star Trek: Short Treks episodes and see the Spock and Number fun for yourself:

  • Spock

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