Writing doesn’t have to be done the old fashioned way with a pen and a scrap of paper. No. Computers are now the most sought out way to write. However, you cannot write without some kind of word processing program. Every writer who uses a computer is different. Some use Microsoft word. Some use other means.

For me, I use Scrivener to write everything from screenplays to blog posts to short stories. I started using the program a couple of years ago after I reading the bio of Cassandra Clare at the back of one of my Mortal Instrument books. Reading about what software she used to write her books, I got inspired and decided to look it up. I remember reading a few reviews about and thought I would give it a go. Boy was I glad I did.

The best part of using the software is there’s always something new to learn. I’m still learning the program now.

When my sister got her MacBook Air, I convinced her to let me download my copy from the Mac App Store. She uses it to write the scripts for her YouTube Channel.

Below you will find articles I’ve written over time about the program and about all the different features I have used in Scrivener.

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