Schoolgirl ROASTS Men’s Rights Campaigner Bettina Arndt Over Her Comments On The Murder Of Hannah Clarke

Bettina Arndt

You know you’ve raised your kids right when they stand up to powerful figures like Bettina Arndt.

Men’s Right campaigner and one-time sex therapist, Bettina Arndt has had a lot to answer to after she agreed with a Queensland Police Officer who said they would be investigating the murder of Hannah Clarke and her children with an open mind after they were killed by estranged father and husband, Rowan Baxter.

Calls have been made for the Order of Australia recipient to be stripped of her honour. Meanwhile, on a recent episode of the ABC’s Q&A program, Bettina Arndt’s words came back to bite her when a young panelist asked the following question:

“As young women, how are we supposed to trust in a nation, a government and a society that celebrated and awarded Bettina Arndt, a woman who praised the comments of a Queensland police officer in the wake of the Hannah Clarke tragedy?”

The girl, was still dressed in her school uniform has been praised for asking such a sensitive question. Here’s the video:

Credit: Twitter]

Bettina Arndt isn’t someone that any young Australian should be inspired by. She thinks a man that roughs up his ‘nagging’ wife is in the right. This is NOT okay! This makes her no better than Donna Rotunno who is defending Harvey Weinstein or Pauline Hanson who is a racist!

The world is full of good and bad men. Meanwhile, Bettina Arndt is on the wrong side of society for someone who sees women’s rights as less of a priority. The universe as we know it should be fifty-fifty with everyone having equal say on everything from finances to social topics.

Don’t Give Bettina Arndt A Voice!

Also, who gave Bettina Arndt a voice in a matter like Hannah Clarke’s murder? She should get zero say as it has NOTHING to with a man’s rights! Rowan Baxter was NOT pushed over the edge by his wife. He was raised to be a misogynist by several generations of men in his family. Baxter was a monster who took pleasure in making his wife’s life hell.

Therefore, Bettina Arndt doesn’t deserve a voice in this issue. She doesn’t even deserve her Order of Australia medal. However, the respect people placed upon her is now gone with along with her comments about Hannah Clarke’s murder. Meanwhile, no woman (or man) should be spoken about in such a negative light after their deaths at the hands of a partner. Therefore, the way to stop it is to not give people like Bettina Arndt a voice at all!

In conclusion, good on that school girl for roasting her!

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