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Celebrities Revisit Their School Days – Week 5 – Dancing 2020

school days

This week’s Dancing with the Stars sees the celebs return their school days…

Dancing with the Stars is all about reliving old memories. This week’s show is all about school days and the music that reminds our cast of stars of their days on the playground…

Ed and Jorja

School days for Ed did not serve him well as a girl stood him up twice. His dance this week is the Cha Cha to Teenage Dream by Katy Perry.

Ed looks like he’s having so much fun doing this dance.

Sharna said it was amazing and that he had straight legs! Though, there was a small issue and timing issues. Tristan said it was fun to watch. Craig said there wasn’t enough hip action with the straight leg.

Ed’s score is: 18

Claudia and Aric

Claudia’s song from Beastie Boys and her school days were unconventional given her mum’s feelings to rules. Tango with a rock theme!

Claudia looks amazing!

Tristan said it was a flip of Claudia’s personality and was too erratic though Craig loved it? Holy shit! Sharna said it lacked balance and it lacked Tango.

Claudia’s score is: 20

Dami and Shae

Dami’s school days included her best friend and music. Her dance this week is the waltz.

It was lovely besides the reference to dancing like a Llama.

Craig mentions she is working on her frame. However, halfway through she lost it and there was a little gapping. Sharna said Dami’s growth is stunning, yet simple and she was smooth. Tristan said he enjoyed it and understood what Craig was saying but she she stretched beautifully.

Dami’s score is: 19

Chloe and Gustavo

Chloe’s dance this week is Cha Cha to Lady Marmalade from Moulin Rouge.

Sharna got distracted for a moment but there were no straight leg but she’s remained at the same level all competition. Tristan said she set it up beautifully and it looked it nice but it looks too safe. Craig said he agreed with Sharna and that Chloe has to nail the routine but great lines.

Chloe’s score is: 21

Travis and Violeta

Travis was arts captain. This week, his dance is the Quickstep.

He looks fluid in his moves and he looks like Danny from Grease.

Tristan said Quickstep was better than his high school fashion sense. His timing wasn’t great. Craig said timing was bad and frame was terrible. Sharna said he wasn’t improving as well as the others.

Travis’s score is: 10

Christian and Lily

Christian’s school days were rough and that’s why he’s doing Comtemporary.

The dance is rare as expected but it’s too good!

Craig said it was fabulous expect for the slight loss of balance. Sharna said it was art. Tristan said it was amazing and that it had everything.

Christian’s score is: 29

Celia and Jarryd

Celia’s dance was said but I cannot remember what it was. I think it was the Salsa. She’s kicking from serious ass!

Sharna was WOWed. Tristan said it was unreal and had a fun factor. Craig said she has great energy.

Celia’s score is: 26

Exiting School Days And Hello Disco Marathon!

Christian and Lily won the dance off and received 10 extra points.

Dance Off Elimination

Dami and Shae and Travis and Violeta are the ones to dance off against each other.

Dami looks like she’s really struggling given she’s just performed twice and she’s also had root canal done.

Travis’s routine is better.

Travis was eliminated.

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