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The Bold And The Beautiful: Is Sally Becoming Like Thomas?

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What could be worse? Losing the love of your life or your dream of being a fashion designer? Sally’s schemes are making her just like Thomas!

What is it with schemes and lies in The Bold and the Beautiful? It’s crazy as the story has gone from Thomas’ schemes to make Hope to fall desperately in love with him to those of Sally to woo Wyatt back to her. These two should never have broken up to begin with. They belong together because they’re both sick and twisted and to think we liked them both at one point.

So, we need to ask the very important question of whether Sally is becoming just like old Tommy boy.

Sally’s Schemes Because She Is Sick Of Losing

With the last name ‘Spectra’, you would think Sally would take pride in it. While she does admire her great-aunt of the the same name, she uses schemes to get ahead. Let’s not forget she used her own sister to steal Forrester Creations designs just as her aunt did all those years earlier.

Also, Sally has taken a real disliking to Flo, Wyatt’s childhood sweetheart who became involved in his niece’s kidnapping. As far as Miss Spectra is concerned, she’s worse and is beneath her. She says in today’s episode that Storm’s daughter is the middle Spencer brother’s past while she herself is his future.

Not to mention, her lie has given her career a chance to thrive by being added to the Forrester Couture line as a way of preserving her ‘legacy’ after she dies. Unfortunately, she used the goodness of Katie’s concern for her to get it to happen. Sally knew the whole time that she would blab to Ridge and Steffy when they said they were going to give her the flick as her work wasn’t their standard. All she wanted to was people to appreciate her but her endgame was always getting Wyatt back even if she had to use blackmail.

Thomas Schemed To Create The Perfect Family Based Off His Own Twisted Fantasy

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Thomas’ schemes were different as he resorted to killing Emma Barber and faking his own death for twenty-four hours. However, his endgame was always to woo Hope into falling in love with him. Claiming to have never gotten over her, he wanted to form the perfect family with the woman who turned down his marriage proposal years ago.

What makes this even more different to Sally’s plot to get Wyatt, Thomas manipulated his own child into thinking he would lose Hope as his (adoptive) mother when his father married Zoe. With the fake illness, there’s no kid involved. It’s just the redhead playing on her ex-fiancée’s sympathies to get him back and away from his current girlfriend.

Both have a different number of allies in their schemes. Thomas had his BFF Vinny whom is loyal to him but not his cause to use Douglas and his father, Ridge who would believe anything that came out of his mouth. Sally has her doctor friend Penny who, much like the drug peddler is reluctant and wants her to tell the truth

Unlike Sally, Thomas thinks he can do no wrong. He’s the son of Ridge Forrester and heir to Forrester Creations, his grandparents’ company. However, he is more like his father than he thinks. He believes he is the perfect man and will stop at nothing to get what he wants. One of the things he claimed was that he wanted to create order in the family.

By doing that Steffy had to get Liam back because in Thomas’ twisted mind, his first family is his sister and niece and not Hope and Beth. He hates his stepmother Brooke and wanted her gone as he blames her for influencing his father’s decisions and for breaking up his parents.

Flo And Liam

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Flo and Liam have more in common than you might think. Other than their link to Hope, they have similar enemies. Fulton has Sally. Spencer has Thomas. What makes this ironic is how they’ve been played.

Liam always knew Thomas was after Hope, however he got pushed around as Steffy and Hope did in the schemes. Flo has a good heart if you can look past her keeping the Beth secret.

Thomas and Sally think their advocacies are beneath them. Flo is too much of a good-too-shoes for Spectra’s liking and sees her as a tramp for ‘taking’ her man away from her. On the other hand, Liam is too much of a waffler who should be with Steffy, according to the Forrester prince.

Unlike Thomas, Sally hasn’t been doing shady shit for a while but she started to feel the pressures of work and goes to the doctor and has Penny deliver her diagnosis as being more serious and that it actually was. By roping everyone into her scheme, she feels she has the respect she deserves and she’s back living with Wyatt.

Flo isn’t as perfect as Sally says she is. She’s been involved with a baby swap, she’s gotten Wyatt back twice and she’s done time in prison for the Baby Beth Swap. Yes, it was criminal, but she wanted to tell the truth. Spectra has done some sketchy things too like we mentioned, using her sister to steal Forrester designs.

Sickness vs. Obsession: Is Sally Using Both To Her Advantage?

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Sally’s schemes to get people to respect her and to win back Wyatt were just the tip of the iceberg. She wanted Flo to suffer by losing the guy she loves just as she did. Her plan also revolves around her hatred for the former baby snatching accomplice.

Like Thomas, Sally has an unhealthy obsession. Wyatt is meant to be the love of her life. If she truly loved him, she should consider his feelings rather than her own misfortunes. Yes, she grew up with parents who abandoned her and her sister and she was given a bad rap because of her last name.

Thomas’ obsession with Hope began when he saw how kind she was being to Douglas and simply stated that he’s never gotten over her. This became a turning point for him as Liam, Brooke, and Bill saw through his schemes. He also manipulated his father and sister into believing everything that came out of his mouth. However, Steffy was not easily fooled by him even if she did kiss Liam when told to do so.

The Bold and the Beautiful is no strangers to backwards philosophies of self-interest. Thomas claimed the reason he screwed everyone over was because he wanted a stable unit for his son. However, this ultimately failed when Douglas proclaimed his father wasn’t being a dad to him and Liam, Hope, and Beth were always there for him making them his true family.

Sally used her symptoms to win Wyatt over while also being obsessed with the life they could’ve had if Flo hadn’t come back into his life. Yes, she made a bunch of mistakes, including calling him Liam but she hadn’t meant it. Though, her hatred for the blonde from Las Vegas was intense.

No One Should Own Anyone

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Yes, it’s a work of fiction. However, the characters are too… clingy. Yep, that’s the word. Sally does NOT own Wyatt. Thomas NEVER had any rights over Hope. In fact, obsession brings out feelings of possession. It’s happened so often in more recent storylines that we’re not surprised when the villain of the piece gets exposed.

We’ve seen the whole possession thing play out for a year when Thomas vowed to win over Hope. He felt that he owned her given he claimed to love her and that Liam belonged with his sister.

Steffy had long since given up her pursuit of her baby daddy, knowing that his heart was with her stepsister. She lost her obsession with him the moment she realised that Kelly might be Bill’s daughter. We really give her credit for this as what was the point of chasing a man who might not be the father of your child?

With Sally, her love for Wyatt makes her blind to the truth: his feelings for Flo are stronger than they are for her. Yes, she works hard and almost being fired showed her what happens when you’re a Spectra, you just lose. Though, her obsession with the middle Spencer brother has come at a price. She might see herself as the victim, but calling him by his brother’s name and then being dumped for it is her own fault. Is there nothing she learnt from Thomas’ schemes?

The Bold And The Beautiful Has A Real Thing For Obsessions

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Let’s let real right now. The Bold and the Beautiful has real theme going on when it comes to its characters having obsessions. Let’s go over a few of them and how they relate to Sally and/or Thomas.

Taylor Blames Brooke For Everything

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It’s no secret that Taylor Hamilton has no love for Brooke and the feel is mutual for the Forrester Matriarch. For years the two butted heads over Ridge and this is something Thomas has never forgotten or forgiven. While Steffy has simply learned to live with it, her self-entitled brother believes their on-off stepmother ruined their family. That’s where his current schemes come in.

His plots mirror his mother and his sister who has gone after Liam one too many times and always come out second best. Taylor is complacent when it comes to her children just as Ridge is. She is meant to be treating Thomas for his issues but truth of is, she’s not supposed to as he’s family.

All doctors, no matter their field should never treat one of their own, including friends as it becomes personal. Taylor also became an unwitting participant in Reese Buckingham’s baby swap scam. There were red flags from the beginning that she should have picked up on like him not wanting his name on the paperwork and the massive ‘fee’ he issued for Steffy to ‘adopt’ the child who she later finds out is Baby Beth Spencer.

Steffy vs. Hope

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It’s no secret that for years, Steffy had an obsession with taking Hope’s boyfriends. When Liam came along, the same thing applied, but this time he became the new Ridge and flip-flopped between the two women for a decade before finally realising that his two baby mamas couldn’t both have him.

For now, Steffy is single and isn’t locking her stepsister in a gondola. The last terrible she did was kiss her daughter’s father which was prompted by her twisted brother who wanted Hope. We also can’t forgive her for saying that all Logans do is take while Forresters have to suffer. Far from the truth, but that’s for another post. Now, the situation is reversed. Where Thomas is the crazy, obsessed one and his sister is the sensible one.

Bill’s Obsession With Powerful Women (The Logans In Particular)

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Bill is far from a saint. He’s used and schemed to get what he wanted in the past, but he’s had his own obsessions. One of those is his need for a strong woman. The love of his life is Katie, but this hasn’t stopped him from going after the likes of Brooke and Steffy.

For a long while, he would scheme to get what he wanted. He was married Brooke for a short while and she called him her ‘stallion’. Not to mention, he’d also gone after Steffy a few times and even got her into bed which proved problematic as around the same, she’d slept with Liam and fell pregnant with Kelly. This had caused her marriage to Liam to sour once he found the paternity results. Since then, it was never the same and Hope had become his beacon to trusting his ex-wife again when their daughter was born.

However, Bill has said that Brooke and Steffy were both the women for him, but he’s ended up with Katie and they’ve played happy families with Will. But, the last thing anyone could have suspected was Shauna recording the one-time pash at the cabin and then Quinn getting her hands on it and uploading it the digital photo frame.

Brooke With Spencer, Marone, And Forrester Men

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Brooke Logan has five children to a number of different men. She has Rick and Bridget with Eric. Hope with Deacon. RJ with Ridge and Jack with Nick Marone. However, she’s only been pregnant four times. Long story with the Jack storyline. Anyway, Brooke has become a Forrester so many times over the years that it’s hard to keep track of. She’s been involved with Eric and Ridge mostly, but she’s been involved with Bill just as often. She’s been with Nick Marone, Ridge’s paternal half-brother from his biological father Massimo’s side and Thorne, his maternal half-brother.

Let’s just say she can’t stay with just one man though she claims Ridge is her ‘destiny’. Sure, she’s trying to change, but she’s never been without a man. She’s always been drawn to the men from the Forrester, Marone, and Spencer families. It’s a wonder she hasn’t gone after Liam and Wyatt the way Steffy has.

Where To Go From Here

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With all television and film production halted due to unforeseen circumstances (COVID-19), we run out of fast-tracked episodes so it’ll be a while before find out what actually happens with Wyatt finding Flo knocked out and being stashed someplace by Sally and Penny.

We know he sees something, but what we don’t know until more is filmed which isn’t any time soon. However, if we had to speculate, we would have to say that whatever happens, isn’t going to be pretty. Wyatt is going to find out that Sally faked her illness to get him back and that she played everyone.

Then, there’s the whole Shauna/Ridge thing and Quinn’s ‘victory’ over Brooke and stuff like that. We hope production can start again soon as we’re already dying to find out what happens next.

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