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The Bold And The Beautiful: Quinn And Shauna Schemed To Get Ridge To Divorce Brooke!


Quinn and Shauna are at it again! A scheme was hatched to lure Ridge away from Brooke. However, he remembers none of what went down in Las Vegas…

Ridge has found himself married to Shauna and it’s all downhill from here! We theorised this a while ago before the show ran out of new episodes when the lockdown occurred. The dynamic duo created a scheme that would be impossible for the Forrester golden boy to wriggle out of.

When Ridge went on his Vegas bender with Shauna, she took his phone while he was drunk and texted Carter to put the divorce papers through. This allowed for them to get married. However, there is a catch. Ridgie boy doesn’t remember any of it.

Shauna’s Hesitation

Shauna is no dummy. She knows how much Ridge loves Brooke and knows she can’t make him love her despite being totally in enamoured by the fashion designer. However, at least she has a conscience in a way Quinn doesn’t. All her bestie cares about is getting rid of Brooke from their lives.

Despite everything she wants and has done, Shauna at least shows remorse for having to scheme to get what she wants. Yes, she loves Ridge, but she also doesn’t like what she had to do to get the man of her dreams. It’s surprising she actually agreed to join Quinn and taking a swipe at Brooke.

Sure, the Forrester matriarch was nasty towards her, but she was just defending what is rightfully hers. If Shauna was in the same position, she would too.

Quinn Risks Her Own Marriage

It is no secret that Eric is Brooke’s number one fan which is something Quinn can’t get her head around. As far as she is concerned, she is the Forrester matriarch because she’s married to the patriarch and she has that god-awful portrait on the wall.

When her husband is out of the room, Quinn tells Shauna that they cannot tell anyone about their scheme. If they do or it gets out some other way, it will be all over for BOTH of them. The jewellery designer got what she wanted: her BFF being a Forrester. This was come true, but how long will it last?

Nothing ever stays secret on The Bold and the Beautiful and we have no doubt that Eric is going to be displeased with his wife’s constant meddling. She even said to Shauna that if he were to find out what they did, he would kick her out (read: divorce) and never talk to her again. He should have dumped her a long time ago!

We’re going to need five large buckets of popcorn when he finds out what she’s done. There is nothing that is going to satisfy us more than seeing Eric scold his wife and kick her out! Oooh! How will she be able to talk her way out of this one? It’s not like she will be able to blame Brooke.

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