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WandaVision: Wanda Finally Accepts Her Reality Without Vision And Becomes The Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch

WandaVision has come to an end and we’ve only just gotten to talking about it…

Okay, we’ll admit that we were underwhelmed with how WandaVision wrapped up, but we understand that the series was never going to end on a happy note. The idea of Wanda being able to accept Vision being dead was the whole reason her sitcom reality occurred in the first place. Acceptance of her reality without the love of her life became the key reason the finale was written the way it was. But, it did give us MCU fans something to be excited for. Wanda Maximoff has finally take the moniker, the Scarlet Witch.

We’ll be seeing Wanda as the Scarlet Witch in the upcoming sequel to Doctor Strange but it unclear as to what role she will play. Will she be a villain or will she maintain her hero roots?

For Wanda, her sitcom reality serves as her haven where she hasn’t lost Vision and they have twin boys together, Tommy and Billy. Realising that she needs to accept what has happened, she goes into hiding in a cabin in the middle of nowhere where she reads through the Darkhold. She then hears the voices of her sons before it cuts to black.

There is a lot of potential here for Wanda’s story to bleed into Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. We’re not going to know too much until the film comes closer to release. Will Stephen assist her in finding her children? Could Scarlet Witch help the Sorcerer Supreme stop whatever dark forces are coming?

Now that Scarlet Witch accepts her role and moniker, her power is only going to grow. Whatever her story is going to be, we hope her actual destiny is not to destroy the world like Agatha said it was. As for Hayward, we hope he rots in prison.

Could Scarlet Witch Come In Contact With Monica, Darcy, and Woo Again?

One question we have is is whether Wanda will come in contact with Monica, Darcy, and Woo again. It’s possible but it depends on the story. We know Monica is returning in Captain Marvel 2 but it’s unknown how Darcy and Woo will appear again.

Kat Dennings said in an interview she might have a few more MCU projects in the pipeline but she didn’t say what ones. It’s unlikely she’ll be in Thor: Love and Thunder thought she if she is, it might be like a video chat or a pre-recorded message. It would also depend on whether there is science involved within the story. If there is, it’s possible she could be involved.

Woo is a different story. He could pop up anyway if the FBI is involved. From what has been rumoured, the missing person he’s been looking for will be revealed in a later project.

For Wanda to run into one of these three again there would have to be a reason. One possibility is that since Maximoff is an Avenger, she could return to a new look team. In said group, Carol and Monica could play a role as new Avengers. Well, okay, Danvers was a member of Natasha’s team during the Snap, but we don’t see in action that much. A new team would be the perfect way to do this. It would also be a way of comparing the three super ladies.

We know the three of them are powerful in their own right. Two got their powers from infinity stones while the other has been developing powers over time. It was only when she walked through “The Hex” several times did her abilities activate.

If we had to guess, Wanda could meet up with her S.W.O.R.D… allies? in an Avengers movie.

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