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The Bold And The Beautiful: Sally’s Scam Illness!

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They say love makes you do crazy things, but would you create a situation where you convince your ex that you’re dying when it’s really a scam illness? Well, Sally has stooped low to get what she wants: Wyatt.

If you thought the Thomas storyline on The Bold and the Beautiful was crazy, you ain’t see anything yet! We learn in today’s episode that Sally created a scam illness situation where Wyatt would take pity on her so she could get him away from the love of his life, Flo. However, could her plan crash and burn before it’s even had a chance to sprout it’s conniving wings?

From the beginning, there’s always been a sense of things not quite adding up and now we know why. Let’s examine everything that we know and how this whole story could blow up in Sally’s face.

We Love Sally, But Her Scam Illness Is Taking It Too Far

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Sally Spectra II was named in honour of her great-aunt and the rival of Stephanie Forrester, the original Sally Spectra. She arrived in Los Angeles to take over Spectra Fashions but her dreams came crashing down when Bill Spencer wanted the site to build his beloved skyscaper, Sky. Since then, she’s been working at Forrester Creations and under Steffy who is creating a new fashion line to compete with Hope for the Future.

However, when Katie asks her family (excluding Hope and Brooke) to forgive Flo for her role in Beth’s kidnapping, they do so. Bill is still coming around to the idea. Wyatt goes back to his ex, but is forced to dump Sally, to whom he was engaged to. He leaves her because he felt she still has unresolved feelings for Liam after she calls him his brother by accident.

We can’t remember when her so-called ‘symptoms’ began, but it started with her hands shaking. What makes the latest reveal so juicy is was the shaking real or was she just faking it to get back into Wyatt’s bed?

Sally has said time and time again that Wyatt is the love of her life. However, it’s obvious his feelings for Flo are so much stronger than they are for his now ex-fiancée. However, Sally’s scheme is going a step too far. Yes, he’s the love of her life, but at the same time, she’s becoming as obsessive as Thomas was of Hope.

More Questions Then Answers

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We need to ask ourselves a large number of questions, but there’s very few answers they can give us until the episodes air.

  • Is Doctor Escobar an actual doctor?
  • If Sally does have an illness, what does she actually have?
  • Was Katie running into Sally at the hospital really a coincidence?
  • Was the doctor Sally saw originally in on her plan to win back Wyatt?
  • How did Doctor Escobar find where Sally was living?
  • What is with the symptoms? Did she force them upon herself?
  • Is Sally using Katie as a go-between knowing she’ll tell Wyatt (and Flo) everything?
  • What will Wyatt’s reaction be when he realises he was being punk’d?
  • Does Sally’s behaviour around Flo tip the blonde off that something isn’t right?
  • Did Sally know that Katie would tell Ridge and Steffy so that she could keep her job at Forrester Creations?
  • What exactly is Sally’s relationship with Escobar?

While there’s very few answers at the moment, we can expect things to change next week when Flo realises something isn’t quite right. From what spoilers indicate, she’ll try to make up with her frenemy, but finds something isn’t sitting right.

Why Sally’s Scam Illness Could Be Her Undoing

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Everyone knows that in soap opera land, nothing good comes from keeping secrets. The secret about Beth lasted 8 months before Douglas (god bless him!) threw the whole thing wide open. Then there was the whole Thomas’ obsession thing that was on and off for least a year.

Like every other scam The Bold and the Beautiful has thrown our way over the years, Sally’s scam illness plot is going to fall apart and extremely quickly. It’s also a well known soap opera fact that when someone is diagnosed with a terminal illness, they either recover or they were never sick to begin with.

It’s understandable why Sally would go to extreme measures to woo Wyatt back to her. She’s been dumped so many times so her boyfriends go back to the women they were meant to be with. First it was Thomas, before he reverted back to evil. He left her for Caroline Spencer so they could go to New York to raise their son together. Then there’s Wyatt who has dumped her a couple of times to go back to Flo.

However, stringing Wyatt, Katie, and everyone else along will lose her support and she will lose the man of her dreams permanently. If she thinks that Wyatt will stay with her if she continues faking her potential death, she has another thing coming.

Penny Has A Point! Stop Playing With Wyatt’s Feelings, Sally!

Okay, so we know Sally and the good doctor, Penny Escobar are on a first name basis. Could this be like Thomas’ friendship with Vinny where only a few people know him personally? Is she even a doctor? If she wasn’t, she wouldn’t have an office at the hospital. Maybe she stole another doctor’s identity? Also, how does she know all that medical lingo if she’s not actually a doctor?

When she saw how committed to Sally Wyatt was, she reprimanded her… patient? for playing with the guy’s obvious feelings for her. This was when we hear straight out of Sally’s mouth that the whole illness was a scam.

No matter who deep Penny is in the scheme, she at least has empathy to call Sally out on exploiting Wyatt’s feelings for her. She’s basically a female version of Vinny just without the drugs. Are the writers trying to make people turn against Sally and make them love Flo? Whatever it is they’re doing, it’s wrong and they shouldn’t be doing this! Sally is a great character who is detached from the drama of the Forresters and the Logans.

Will Wyatt Prove Quinn Right? Will Sally Be Fired From Forrester For Real For Her Lies?

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It’s no secret that Quinn, Wyatt’s mother hates Sally. Though, she hates everyone that she sees as competition or as a threat. Why she despises the red head is beyond us. Anyway, it’s been Quinn’s dream for Wyatt and Flo to get married and have a family of their own. However, Sally has always been an obstacle in Quinn’s eyes, well, since Flo showed up in LA, at least.

Once Wyatt learns that Sally isn’t dying, he could report the whole situation to his mother and he’ll get a massive case of “I told you so!” from her. The revelation will spread and it will end up getting back to Steffy and Ridge who might have no choice but to fire Sally for her lies. However, this might not be the case.

Sally had no idea that Ridge was going to save her designs and use them in his new collection. It’s possible that she anticipated her job being saved but not her designs being used in the Ridge Forrester’s fashion line. However, that puts into question whether the shaking of her hands was in fact, real.

Back to Quinn, if this does get back to her there’s even possibly she won’t care as Wyatt and Flo are still technically together. Though, it won’t stop her from calling Sally out for being a schemer who used her son’s feelings to get what she wants.

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